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  1. @Viceless @Enigma87 You are Not a freak show. You are a suvivor. And you are Loved -K 🖤
  2. @8888 Thank you for reaching out with support helping me to fee welcome to the site and reiterating what happened to me wasn't my fault. Question: how do i copy someones post on my reply? Make sense?
  3. @MeBeMary You Quoted:The most important part of what you say that made you an emotional fighter...Survivor. You truly are. I wish you many steps to continue on your way to be even more empowered than you are now. You deserve this. I have found so much support from this site and am so thankful for it. Thank you so much for reaching out as I am feeling so comfortable to share. And so far I have made so much headway. I have shed so much guilt, shame & anger and have so much more to go.....i understand it will take time and am so thankful for people like you who reach out to newbys and I will make an attempt as well. As paying it forward helps us all to heal. -K
  4. @BrightSide Thank you so much for reaching out to me. How have you been with reading and sharing? As a newby....I can relate that it is very overwhelming as our repressed memories come back to life and force us to face them......which is what we need to heal.....but is so hard. -K
  5. @SociallyAwkward your quoted: allowing yourself to let it go is important. And part of that process is talking about it. Keeping it secret can get extremely frustrating. You are so right. Keeping it pent up only breeds negative energy we manifest in unhealthy physiological & physical ways. I truly thank you for welcoming me and reaching out. -K
  6. @missfrier Thank you for contact at my first post and making me feel comfortable to share as little or as much as i want on this first share. It has helped give me permission to crawl and then walk. -K
  7. @Poppy_ Yes this site group has changed my life so much in the short time. Thank you for reaching out and helping me to feel welcome. -K
  8. @Lovelylady Thank you for showing support. I am very new to this support group and just now learned how to do the @name thing. Thank you so much for taking the time to making me feel welcome as from a newby makes me feel so welcome -K
  9. @samantha2009 I have had a 2 really good nights on this site and let it all out with very weeping cries for hours and let it all out. I am feeling so much better every time letting go of a portion of the anger, shame & guilt for I've held for 20 years. Thank you for your continued support. -K 🖤 I copied your Black heart but how do you do it on the keyboard I Love it. It's so fitting.
  10. @samantha2009 just now learning this sitting with you if okay? - Thank you so much
  11. I envy you ..speaking out. that takes true courage -K
  12. you didn't do anything wrong PSH and thank you for reaching out. I truly do appreciate the positive posts i have received. & yes Samantha thank you for 'sitting with me' I seek to forgive my 17 year old self for putting myself in a position to allow it to happen. My story is a Lifetime Television for Women movie. A straight A's popular church going girl falls for the extremely insecure and controlling pretty boy. I ran away from home to live with him at 17 when my parents told me i couldn't see him anymore. Within the 9 months i lived with him before I swallowed my pride and when back home, one of our on again and off again childish fights turned ugly. Looking back all the rage he had been building for 16 years in his sad soul, he choose to take out on me in the worst way. I remember begging the nurse at the free clinic not to call the police when she saw the bruises on my visit for free bc pills. I have tried so many years to repress it and move on but this pain needs to be addressed for my to get my power back. This forum is allowing me to do that and for that I am extremely grateful. I still cared for him after that....couldn't explain why until i read blogs on this site with several people who have went through so much more and wanted to go back to their abusers as well. It was such a relief to know i'm not alone, this is normal.
  13. need to build more trust...overwhelmed addressing feelings in writing still to an open forum........been eating and drinking emotions and suppressing for so long.....cant hardly talk to my very supportive and loving hubby sorry -K
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