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  1. So happy to have found this forum!

    @PhoenixRoxanne While it is very sad why you have found this site, it is also beautiful welcome because of the community itself. The people who set up the support structures here are amazing humans as well as the resilience of the survivors. Welcome!
  2. (After they get rid of the dynastic structural violence in the ENTIRE county in the political/LEO sphere...) The organization said its new agency's name is the Survivor Resource Center. They also said the new name is a way to promote a new image and will help more people understand the center's proposal. https://foxillinois.com/news/local/vermilion-county-rape-crisis-center-changes-name-location
  3. Hello everyone and thank you

    @Citizenerased Welcome to a wonderful community of support. The reasons of individual trauma that brought you here won't be ignored. I hope you find strength, validation and growth. The welcome teams and admin are rock stars.
  4. Everybody does this. Even those that won't admit it... dance with the cat!
  5. OH MY GOSH! SMILE ALERT! Thank you I won't post video of me dancing with the cat.
  6. Winter

  7. YAY! Jeep. Such the rebel @Capulet and well... I'm loving your FREEDOM posts. Rock on rebel trendsetter. That is as sexy as sexy can be!
  8. I'm in. ApplePay, PayPal, GoFundMe... just keep us posted. I can raise cash!
  9. Caps Lock Kitteh

    @Ghost of me Thank you! His dad is very large and I am hoping his full maturity size is similar. Steiny's psycho kitten paper rampages are quite comical as well as his adoration for socks. "See you soon"
  10. Fur Friends

  11. Welcome Home

    @NumbandAwake *smiles widely*
  12. Welcome Home

    @NumbandAwake Looks are deceiving and quite like societal thinking. Since he has "cuteness" he can get away with destruction such as his newly found skill of shredding paper. Thanks! His cuteness talents are being used as a remote support "kitty" in videography for a young adult way across the country struggling with ideation and other medical challenges.
  13. Welcome Home

    @Ghost of me Airborne, leaping and chaos. He was the only survivor of his litter. 11 oz. versus 11 lbs. is hilarious. Thanks for asking.
  14. As I briefly visited a couple of resale second hand shops, I still had the Neiman Marcus "score feel" today. I am looking at so many Theodore Birkel-related albums on vinyl, I might as well be a 'psychic medium' or distant relative. Seriously. I have SIXTEEN Yiddish/Hebrew/Israeli vinyl LP albums that I found today. I could not be happier. Really. These are treasures beyond treasures. In the past I'd bought a bluetooth capable turntable. I realized today just how crucial that piece of equipment is. And I joyfully loaded up each pristine vinyl LP -- even with the tinny scratch and hiss. Pure bliss. No. You won't change my mind. I'm happy. I have SIXTEEN Yiddish/Hebrew/Israeli albums. I will be busy. I also will insult anyone who has anti-semitic responses -- because I'm a righteous bit*h. 'k? Thx bye.
  15. There was no way to communicate to the 'two old fur dudes' that there would be a resident intruder. I also didn't make any drastic environment changes other than getting the traditional apple head his own fuzzy house about a week beforehand. When I brought the little guy in after a long drive back, I was met with angry adult males. They were full on butthurt betrayed for a period of about twenty-four hours. Then, they quickly adapted to the fact this little ball of chaos wasn't leaving any time soon. Realistically the older two are pacifists who really don't care to be snuggly with each other. They have incredibly healthy bed boundaries and won't cross each others' invisible lines. Only on rare occasions do they go on a brotherly fight... and if you've never seen Siamese play fight over personal space it is quite hilarious. Most will slow motion shadow box never coming close to tagging the other feline. But wouldn't it be nice if... we hissed? There's really no need for any words. A hiss describes an entire range of emotions. I think for comedic effect, I'd like to see a business meeting without any passive aggressive behavior and just coffee and hissing. OMG she sat in my regular meeting chair. HISS. OMG does he really have to clip his nails here? HISS. Project cancelled. HISS and guttural meowing. You get the picture. But right now everyone is purring along in unity. That's a good thing.