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I have time to be a listening shoulder; AI ain’t got shit on me as a human 💊



And the advent of quick tweets and bots on the radar we dismiss people instantly over a single word or three when that individual may not communicate like everybody else.

I posted  that I knew in the back of my mind there were linguistic and machine learning entities in the gray area/black ops and trying to pick up this language so that we could actually determine if these things were global national threats.

For starters I am not going to apologize for my absence because I have been fighting since the time I signed up here on cybersecurity international global issues in the early 1990s as a subject matter expert.

We all do understand that rape is a total act of war and a crime against humanity and some of us in cyber security and higher level positions have had to take a sabbatical online in order to be able to protect our own selves. Thank you for understanding as well as your support.

For those in opposition to women’s autonomy I just want to personally say whatever fake God you pray to you it’s gonna slap you in the di*k for you. Idols and I am going to enjoy every single moment and news report.


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