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I am frustrated for you all… post menopause



I have a gorgeous bonus daughter who recently texted me that she signed a reproductive rights petition.

I myself am a ✡️ Jewess.  I raised her with her mother’s consent through that terrifying first menstrual cycle.

She came  to me quietly that she was bleeding from her female parts.  I did my best to let her know that I always experienced excruciating pain and that we would get the sanitary hygiene items she needed and ibuprofen or anything to alleviate her pain. In addition to this I welcomed her into the Jewish tradition of womanhood and told her the ins and outs of making sure that she knew at any time she could become a mother figure.  My preference is I thought her was for her to actually see the world and to have fun instead of being tied down to a family that she was not supported by. When she became an adult she had the most loving match ever. At first she doubted it but he  actually did end up being Prince Charming.


I never shielded her from the actual truth on what was happening when she was young. And both she and her brother have beautiful kids and they’re happy.   You can indeed be a survivor of so many personal tragedies and being a hero or heroine to those children and your direct line of sight. I get photos and text messages of these two beautiful kids who are now parents. They have no police involvement. They live good lives.  My bonus son is a co-parent with his now “out” former wife. I am so glad I taught them tolerance.  

Their father was and probably still is a closet bisexual. He preferred males to females.  I provided insurance but he never sought help. His adult daughter had to cut him off recently for soaking her financially.  Nobody has ever charged him with his violent crimes in the early 2000s.

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