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“Thriving” to me is mythical



I read a lot of sexual assault materials and news reports in order to be able to help academics as a source of valid information. I have some interesting tags on the sub Reddit that I do moderate. One of them is, “you had one goddamn job do your job and stop complaining.”


This week I actually saw swift justice to a post where there was a woman who signaled to a constable and also law enforcement officer that there was a rape in progress. The woman reporting was ignored but today that officer was removed at least temporarily anything that quickly is actually a huge win for those who have continually fought for change and trauma informed aftermath.


What went right?  A bystander witness not taking a no.  Civilian fury at police inaction — Ulvade set that in the open.


I have picked up many pieces of myself from that first attack, second attack, and third attack, and so on and so forth.  Never has one of these ended up behind bars so I knew when the Obama administration offered a financial grant to police stations everywhere for rape kit analysis he was literally trading us for Iranian warfare crimes in banking.   Like rape kits from an American slave ship.  I have not seen nor heard of a single kid or a victim that has gotten any sort of justice from the BNP Paribus Iran terrorism funding bank exchange for rape kit funding.


Not a goddamned one.




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