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Crazy busy and now there is time to think!



Hi All :)

It got terribly busy with advertising-related annual deadlines.  This was my first time 'solo' taking flight with the previous Ad Queen who supported me through our annual directory rush.  WHEW!  It's over thankfully.  We are a small demographic in this large metro area and most of our support related directly to community is done by volunteers.  It's a labor of love and hardly work when the impacts over time help improve the lives of others.

Most recently we were notified that area-wide we'd be collecting good 'wearables' in all sizes for refugee/immigrants.  My background and 'people' know the horrors all too well of fleeing with nothing on your back and losing family members.  I cannot honestly look the other way and be indifferent.  That's not in my chemical make up to do so.  Whether some call it 'empathetic' I think it is justified to plead for sane, safe and humane treatment of children.  Helpless children who are traumatized and not large enough or mentally strong enough to withstand the harsh environment and lack of access to food/medical.

Finally it will be an early evening for me.  I'm generally not tired but this time the mental exhaustion matches the physical.  It helps that I swam laps in the pool which increases my activity level and improves the rheumatoid.  With that said... my mood improves as well! 

Shavua Tov!  Make it a great and sweet week for all :throb:


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