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  1. The anxiety is there and horrendous tonight maybe because I told my story or just anxious 😟
  2. I’ve just felt I had the need to share my story it felt ok typing down I sent it thought now or never where do I go from here feel a bit lost
  3. I feel I want to as it’s part of my journey I’ve never been able to tell anybody in detail what happened to me. I feel disgusting dirty and my coping mechanisms are becoming more and more self destructive guess Ive just given up on myself but want to feel better and be a better person for my children, they deserve better and the thought of them being with out me kills me. Not saying I’m suicidal just struggle some days with this feeling of anger as it was not dealt with correctly by my family it doesn’t make sense on my head.How can something like that be brushed away??? The anxiety
  4. Thank you all so much for your words of support I’m trying to get there to opening up and receiving some support but my anxiety it’s through the roof right now and consuming me, all your wonderful words are so lovely to receive and tell myself I’m not on my own when I found this amazing community just want to feel normal (dare I use that word) thank you all so much charlieag xx
  5. Thank you soo much, i feel so scared putting my pain out there but not knowing how to cope with these feelings anymore is taking over my life. I’m so hopeful I can support others too thank you for making me feel so welcome.
  6. I’m here beginning something that I hope will help me understand why and how this happen to me so young, but want to say hello I’ve been reading through some forums and getting an understanding of how I’m going to face this and make myself feel like I can get some self worth.
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