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  1. So very sorry about what you've been through. Welcome! I am definitely glad you are here. Feel free to reach out if you need any help! 😃 T
  2. Hello. I'm new to this support. I am trying to find the best way to connect with others and some of the pages I've visited seems to be inactive. Are the forums the most active? They're also locked, so could I have access to the female survivor forum? If that isn't a very active option could you direct me a bit? Thank you.

    1. MeBeMary


      Hi FindingMyWayThrough, :) Welcome to the site. My name is Mary and I am part of the Newbie Support Team. Check your inbox, as I will send you some information to help you on site. 

    2. WendyAlone


      I’m not sure I’m supposed to answer as I see you’re waiting for an After Silence moderator. I keep passing your question by though, on the home page and feel bad about that. So In the meantime, I suggest going to the upper right hand corner, under Activity. I would say start with All Activity. Here you see all the latest updates and follow-ups from the community as a whole, and those who have posted within hours and days. You can also follow people or a topic for future updates. This gives you an idea on how active the community is, and each topic.

      Next, if it interests you to Browse, you can find everything from vents, aftermaths, to a humor/silly space. I believe the female survivors section is for members who have made ten posts or more. But I could be totally wrong on that as I’m trying to remember myself. I’ve found the female section is active at times but this varies. It is definitely an extra resource for special and specific info wanted.

  3. Hi there. Welcome to AS. It's great to meet you. I know you'll find the support you're looking for. T
  4. Hi fallen!!! Welcome back!! So happy to hear from you!
  5. Welcome! I'm sorry for what brings you here but I'm glad you are in a place where you can receive all of the support you need. If you ever want to chat you can always message me. Welcome!
  6. Thinking of you 🌻

  7. sorry about you over eating issue, after 1s't r... I started being bulimic but I said this is another 

    load of crap , I think its about having a sense of control . 

     or  purging the body of something you don't want,

    not eating also is something that you control sometimes 

    when it seems you can't control anything outside the body

    and maybe it helped me numb my feelings of outrage that it happened and fear etc,

    I watched addicted to food on Netflix  and it was enlightening .


    1. TerraMarkov


      Thank you so much for your words on comfort. It makes me feel so much better, I really appreciate it!


      :butterfly: Terra

  8. insomnia and post traumatic stress  really a pain.

    waiting for trial date. detective has found out  more  bad stuff about him but they don't disclose 


    can you help me with  please with removing my birthdate from my profile?

    tried to edit it, not successful.  


  9. I cannot leave you a message????


    1. TerraMarkov


      Hey! How come??

    2. Field8


      All it says is that you cannot receive messages.

  10. Rising up to the challenge of our rival.

  11. Hi Me Pep. Welcome to After Silence! I'm sorry for how youve been feeling lately. I have to say I am very excited that you decided to join us on AS; it makes me happy to know that secondary survivors are here to help. It shows a lot about a person
  12. Hi Fallen! Hope everything is okay; stay safe!

    Many hugs, if okay. Keep me updated. Here for you!

    1. fallenstar


      Hi Terra, thanks so much for your message, it means a lot :):) Thank you for hugs. I'm doing much better!

  13. Carry on my wayward son.

  14. TerraMarkov


    Hi Gary! It's very nice to meet you and I'm glad to see that you have sought out After Silence. I'm sorry for the pain that you have endured but you will find much support and many friends here. If you ever need anything or you just want you chat you can always message me. We are all about supporting one another and I'm sure we can help you along with your healing process. Hope to see you around the website! Shine bright Terra
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