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  1. I finally watched the last couple of seasons. I'm literally hoping my hubby doesn't hear my sobs as I type this. I miss you. So much!  I wish I could've fixed it. I knew I couldn't, but you were there for me and honest. I wanted to bring you hope. I'm sorry I failed and I love you always 💗 

    1. fallenstar


      :throb::candle:you did not fail her. it looks to me like you were a great friend to her. sending you some support, @coffeeaddict

  2. ❤ you were good enough

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    2. winterwishes


      Thank you @MeBeMary @Whisper and @Field8 really struggle with her loss at this time of year. Last year almost killed me xx

    3. LuthienTinuviel


      think of you both ❤️

    4. winterwishes
  3. Thinking of you 🌻

  4. I wanted to watch the last two seasons of Once, but it feels so strange to not talk to you after each episode! I miss you so much!  

  5. Almost 3 years, still no idea why this had to happen. You were so loved ❤ miss you 

  6. It's so strange that sometimes from nowhere I just randomly need you :( even after all this time

  7. really missing you, so much I need to tell you :(

  8. Taking you to disney land with me 

  9. how lucky was I to have such an amazing bestie, mssing our new York days and crazy convos girl xx

  10. Love n miss ya girl xxx

  11. Love you girlie xx

  12. 2 peas in a pod OO

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