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  1. Welcome I was silent for a long time too. I was so nervous when I made my first post. I’m not a social person either so it wasn’t easy at first. Now I’m pretty much a person greeter. Very different from the person I use to be. I hope this place helps you learn and grow like it did for me.
  2. Welcome I like your screen name! And you have such a positive attitude. We could use some positivity here. Don’t rush into things. Take your time and learn from others stories/posts. When your ready we will be here for you.
  3. Welcome I’m glad you found us. Dealing with childhood trauma can feel lonely even if you have people who want to help you. We will do what we can to help you along your journey. Take your time and Learn from others stories. When you’re ready we will be here for you.
  4. Welcome childhood stuff is hard to deal with. It took me 10 years to tell anyone, and much longer to finally tell police. i hope we can help.
  5. I like the cat mug :).

    1. MeBeMary


      From one cat lover to another...I'm glad you liked it, @SociallyAwkward:) 

  6. We were all new at one point. Honestly the hardest part is joining. Once you get familiar with the forum it will be easier. welcome to AfterSilence
  7. Welcome I hope you find the support your looking for. This is a wonderful forum with lots of information and experiences of others. I’m sure you’ll find something helpful.
  8. You should have been loved and protected by your parents. Not abused. That’s such a horrible way to grow up. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. follow what @Finchy said. Get 10 posts and talk about anything you want in the share your story section. The most secure place to put it.
  9. This guy sounds like a creep. I’m glad you broke away from him. A man who is damn near 40 shouldn’t be talking to high school girls. I’m 35 and couldn’t imagine being with a girl that young. I don’t even think it would be right to date someone in their early 20’s. We would both be in completely separate stages in our life. It would just be too weird, and as the adult in the situation he should have known better.
  10. I love your name. It’s sounds hopeful and positive. Always nice to have more positive vibes around here. Due to the nature of the forum positivity is always needed and welcomed. I’m sure you’ll make some good friends here :)
  11. I’m so sorry that you feel you ruined your marriage due to your issues, but to be fair marriage is suppose to be a joint effort between two people. Don’t blame yourself completely. Unfortunately sometimes things just don’t work out between two people. My mom still talks to my dad almost like they are friends. Which is weird considering what he put her through. People are strange and relationships can be complicated. Sometimes too complicated for words. i hope we can help you with whatever you may need.
  12. It took me 10 years to finally tell my mom, and longer still to actually get real help. Glad you found us
  13. welcome. CSA is a very difficult thing to deal with. I’m glad you found us, and I hope we can help.
  14. Welcome to AS. I like dogs and going on walks too. 🐶🐕 I hope you find the support your looking for
  15. I kept what happened to me secret because I didn’t think he did anything wrong. He didn’t really hurt me, so I saw it as a consensual thing.... but you can’t give consent to someone much older than you if your just a kid. I’m 35 and I’m kinda at that same point in my life where I need to really figure out what I’m doing with myself and my mental health. That come before finding a partner.
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