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  1. If ok,
  2. Hi RockerChick, Welcome to AS! Josie
  3. Oh, I understand that lost feeling too well! You're not alone, sammie! Welcome to AS. This is a really good, supportive site. Josie
  4. I'm so sorry to hear this, Hawkgirl... Sitting with you. , if ok
  5. Hi chant, Welcome back! That big crash had scared me too and it took me a while to come back and get used to the new format. It's all good now. I'm sorry you've been struggling a lot lately. Hope you feel better soon. Josie
  6. Hi Heatherr, Welcome to AS! This is a good place. Josie
  7. (((((TC)))))
  8. Hi spunhead! Welcome to AS. You will figure it out. There's no right or wrong way...just what works for you I would say. Glad you found us! This is a good place. Josie
  9. Hi soulpaws, You will find that here. AS is a very supportive site. I am very sorry for what brought you here though...but I'm glad you found us! Hello from one Canadian to another! Josie
  10. my 9 year old is easier to talk to than my other two or my husband. But I am very careful what I say. She is very insightful. I am new to this kinda. Mean i have always noticed but never talked to them till three weeks ago or less. I do not even know some of there names there seems to be two I for sure notice over all but one that I am unaware of. I mean I will be blank trying to figure out what I just did. This is confusing.

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      I will send you a pm if that's ok. Josie :hug:

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      Oops...I tried sending you a pm but was unsuccessful...not working.  Will try again tomorrow.  Need to get some :sleepy:

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      I found a care positions



  11. You will get there, Kelly! The "happy tears for a change" makes a lot of sense...I totally understand what you're saying. You're definitely not alone in this... Isn't it incredible meeting other survivors? Yes, everything will be ok...there is hope and it is possible to heal. Another great thing about AS is the amount of information you will learn here about how to cope better with triggers and with life in general. I have learned a lot from AS and it has helped me so much! You're not weird for wanting to hug us! I'm sure you would get a lot of hugs back from many here if we were all to meet in person, including from me! (I'm a hugger too). And I'm pretty sure that there would be a lot of tears from many as well. Josie
  12. Hi Kelly, Welcome to AS! I have often cried of relief (good tears) over the years when posting on AS and receiving support from people who really understand where I'm coming from. It means so much and feels so empowering! It is also very healing. I no longer feel alone since I have joined. This is an incredible site with very courageous, strong, compassionate and determined individuals. It is so incredibly amazing that we can be there to support eachother! I feel so grateful for this website. I would say, take your time. Post when you feel ready. Allow yourself to process at a speed that feels comfortable for you. AS can feel overwhelming at first. You're right...talking about it with supportive people can really help the healing process. All the best on your healing journey, Josie
  13. Welcome to AS, Rose! AS brings me a lot of comfort, gives me a sense of belonging and helps the isolation. There are many incredible, strong and courageous people here. Receiving support from people who understand is very empowering and giving support is also very healing. This website has helped me tremendously. All the best on your healing journey, Josie
  14., sooooo cute!!! That picture makes me smile. Thank you fighter!
  15. Welcome to AS Bambi! I have been to Boulder...what a beautiful city you live in! I'm a Canadian currently living in the Western part of Canada. All the best on your healing journey...AS is a good place. Glad you found us! Josie