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  1. Welcome to AS, Patrice! I'm also a childhood SA survivor. DV as well. I left home at 17 (as soon as I could). I repressed everything until years later. All the best on your healing journey, Josie
  2. Hi Wolf! Welcome back!!! I remember you. Josie
  3. Welcome to AS, Jayt! Josie
  4. Welcome to AS, Exdancer! This is a very supportive site. All the best on your healing journey and with your studies! Josie
  5. You're certainly not alone here. Welcome to AS: Josie
  6. Hi RockerChick, Welcome to AS! Josie
  7. Oh, I understand that lost feeling too well! You're not alone, sammie! Welcome to AS. This is a really good, supportive site. Josie
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this, Hawkgirl... Sitting with you. , if ok
  9. Hi chant, Welcome back! That big crash had scared me too and it took me a while to come back and get used to the new format. It's all good now. I'm sorry you've been struggling a lot lately. Hope you feel better soon. Josie
  10. Hi Heatherr, Welcome to AS! This is a good place. Josie
  11. Hi spunhead! Welcome to AS. You will figure it out. There's no right or wrong way...just what works for you I would say. Glad you found us! This is a good place. Josie
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