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  1. Hello

    Hi Alexis! Josie
  2. I am new

    Welcome to AS, Patrice! I'm also a childhood SA survivor. DV as well. I left home at 17 (as soon as I could). I repressed everything until years later. All the best on your healing journey, Josie
  3. So It's Been A Long Time...

    Hi Wolf! Welcome back!!! I remember you. Josie
  4. first post

    Welcome to AS, Jayt! Josie
  5. New here

    Welcome to AS, Exdancer! This is a very supportive site. All the best on your healing journey and with your studies! Josie
  6. Feeling lost.

    You're certainly not alone here. Welcome to AS: Josie
  7. She is gone.

    If ok,
  8. Hello.

    Hi RockerChick, Welcome to AS! Josie
  9. Hello

    Oh, I understand that lost feeling too well! You're not alone, sammie! Welcome to AS. This is a really good, supportive site. Josie
  10. Then the Surgeon Said

    I'm so sorry to hear this, Hawkgirl... Sitting with you. , if ok
  11. I Am Not New but It's Been a Long While

    Hi chant, Welcome back! That big crash had scared me too and it took me a while to come back and get used to the new format. It's all good now. I'm sorry you've been struggling a lot lately. Hope you feel better soon. Josie
  12. New to this site

    Hi Heatherr, Welcome to AS! This is a good place. Josie
  13. TC just wants her dad

  14. Hi, new here

    Hi spunhead! Welcome to AS. You will figure it out. There's no right or wrong way...just what works for you I would say. Glad you found us! This is a good place. Josie