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  1. Hey Everyone. I haven’t been on here in a while. Not since some depressing times and death in my life and health issues. 

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    2. RockerChick


      Thanks everyone for the kind words. :hug:to you all. 

    3. Free2Fly
    4. ActivistAlly


      Sorry to hear you've gone through some things lately but glad to see you again if okay to say  :)

  2. Hello.

    Thank you @LookingforSunshine!
  3. Hello.

    Thank you @silentg for the welcome! I am finding my way around and I'm glad I found you guys as well!
  4. Hello.

    Welcome to AS. I'm new here as well! Hope the healing journey goes very smoothly for you!
  5. Hello.

    Thank you!
  6. Hello

    Hello! Welcome to AS
  7. Hello.

    Thank you @Painnbroken
  8. Hello.

    Thank you @reglois
  9. Hello.

    Thank you @Oneinamillion
  10. Hello.

    Thank you @fallenstar!
  11. Hello.

    Thank you @josiel
  12. Hello.

    Thank you Mary!
  13. Hello.

    Thank you Activist Ally!
  14. Hi

    Hello, Welcome to AS. I hope you find comfort in being here I'm new here too!
  15. This is my first time reaching out for help

    Welcome, I'm so sorry you had to recently go through what you did, we are all here for you. I hope you find comfort in being here!