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  1. Why when everything seems to be getting better something decides to rip me down and pull me apart. Had a good friend commit suicide this week. Very very emotionally drained at the moment. 

  2. I just found out that I might have Crohn's disease. On top of my other health issues. I'm not sure that I'm mentally ready for this stuff anymore. I'm mentally breaking down. Can not take anymore being kicked down and ripped apart 

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    2. Free2Fly


      Your welcome RC :) 

    3. ActivistAlly


      i'm sorry to hear you had this upsetting news.  If okay to say, you can do it, you are strong.  "We are the champions my friend and we'll keep on fighting to the end...."

    4. RockerChick


      Thank you @ActivistAlly. I am going to keep fighting. And thank you for the very kind words. Was really needing it today. 

  3. Thank you @LookingforSunshine!
  4. These last few days I have been feeling used and abused by everyone that has been around me. I don't know why I feel that way but I have been... :unsure:

  5. Don't really feel like facing the world today or getting out of bed. Been horrible last few weeks. 

    1. tuliptorn


      In same boat, you are not alone. :console::bighug::console:

    2. Dahliaa


      I'm sorry these past few weeks have been horrible :( I hope you take some time for yourself. There's nothing wrong with just staying inside for a bit. Safe :hug:

    3. RockerChick


      Thank you @tuliptorn and @Dahliaa :hug: I did take some time yesterday just to feel a bit better

  6. Thank you @silentg for the welcome! I am finding my way around and I'm glad I found you guys as well!
  7. Welcome to AS. I'm new here as well! Hope the healing journey goes very smoothly for you!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Hello! Welcome to AS
  10. Thank you @Painnbroken
  11. Thank you @reglois
  12. Thank you @Oneinamillion
  13. Thank you @fallenstar!
  14. Thank you @josiel
  15. Thank you Mary!