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    Writing poetry and novels, songwriting, painting, dancing, reading, and making someone's day a little bit better.

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  1. Feeling good today, maybe because I didn't think much about the abuse/abuser. The music was such a help. Funny enough, it was a song from a Disney movie.

  2. Feeling a lot of regret. I should've told someone. I should've gathered proof against him. I should've fought to put him in jail. What's the use in being angry now?

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    2. oceonwaves


      I hope there is still something that can be done I wish you luck and some sense of a resolution and justice.

    3. Dahliaa


      Thank you so much for all your help @oceonwaves. I just sent a message to my Title IX coordinator. Hopefully something can be done but I won't be upset if nothing can be done. Just the fact that I'm taking action, even years later, makes me happy.

    4. oceonwaves


      @Dahliaa you have come a long way along the healing path, that acceptance is very powerful. I am glad that mine is with a really kind detective .