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    Safe hugs If ok?
  2. Welcome back Poppy, glad to see you again
  3. Free2Fly


    Safe hugs If ok?
  4. Hey, welcome back, I'm sorry that any of us have to have such horrible experiences in common. Sitting with you if ok?
  5. Your welcome :) , I'm sorry you've tried all that and haven't had any success, don't give up though there might be more out there that you could try.
  6. Hey, I'm sorry you've been through that, honestly maybe try some meditation stuff to help calm your anger, for me breathing exercises sometimes helps.
  7. Hi, welcome I'm sorry you were struggling to feel like you belong.
  8. Hi, a little bit ago now there used to be a bug with the signature thing, the forum software is seriously buggy it always has been but yeah message the mods they might have a fix for it.
  9. Free2Fly


    Hi welcome , It's nice to meet you, purple is a cool colour .
  10. Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

    hope your doing ok.

  11. Your welcome @LRPINE, safe hugs if ok?
  12. Hi welcome to as , safe hugs if ok? sorry to hear you've been struggling.
  13. Your welcome, many safe hugs if ok?
  14. Your welcome , good to see you too!
  15. Hey welcome to as, I know that feeling all too well , I'm happy to listen if you wanna talk. safe hugs
  16. Hello welcome to as
  17. Hi, from doing a bit of research over the time of using this forum, I know there used to be one however it was self signed meaning web browsers would freak out, now by the looks of it the server just downgrades the request to a normal non encrypted http request. on a cyber security front its highly advised that you do not login to the site on public open networks (public wifi , coffee shops etc) I mean if your like me (super paranoid) even a home network seems unsecure. honestly if your concerned about your privacy and the safety of your details(password, etc) maybe use a vpn hints it encrypts your traffic from your device before it goes across over the internet. hope this is sorta helpful. free
  18. Your welcome, good luck with the finals .
  19. Yeah, I mean I've stood still and looked at the world around me and it's pretty dull and miserable... i know for me a lot of stuff has been pretty weird & ive been pretty disappointed in myself for various reasons.
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