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  1. you make me want to puke

  2. purge


    are you the same way too?
  3. purge


    your mental illness is welcome here you that feels alienated, neglected and left behind is welcome here you that feels completely invisible and pushed aside, unsure even of whether you exist or not, is welcome here
  4. purge


    one day, i don't want to have to lie anymore one day, i want to be able to say to others what i'm thinking i don't want to have to modify my thoughts and words to please them anymore i want to actually say what it is i'm thinking without fear of how it will be perceived, or negative consequences i want to say what i feel and what i'm thinking without having to fear the consequences
  5. purge


    it saddens me incredibly that you prefer and only acknowledge the existence of your fantasy of me instead of the human person that i am it's like i'm not a human being in your eyes just what's convenient for you
  6. purge


    you took my trust and crushed it in your hand all along the only thing you thought of was yourself
  7. purge


    i don't owe you my trust
  8. purge


    you never know who a person is
  9. purge


    so many different ways to avoid direct human connection i don't trust you
  10. purge


    to blow you away to blow you sky high
  11. purge


    am i really sinking this low?
  12. purge


    i want to be a part of the human race
  13. every day i want to cry

  14. let down and hanging around
    crushed like a bug on the ground

    1. Eph320NY


      I am so sorry you are feeling crushed. Sending any support I can.

  15. purge


    i'm not part of your elite, i'm just alright class structures waving colours, bleeding from my throat
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