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  1. i always thought i was worth less than other people because i have a mental illness(es)... but now i realize that's not true

    1. purge


      it's not something i need to be ashamed of. it's not my fault...

  2. the tears were pouring from her eyes 
    the man then held her while she cried

  3. i wish i could start over

    1. Kmkz


      Hearing you and hope you find enough positive change to feel like it's a new start. 

  4. we can't cry this pain away,
    i slowly realize there's nothing left to save
    out of the tears we can't deny...
    we need to leave this mess behind

  5. why did everything fall apart again?

  6. every time i laugh it's followed by the equivalent in tears

  7. animals are amazing. i love cats so much. i had a similar experience while staying at a person's place, i was crying a lot and one of their cats scratched and meowed at the door and came in to see if i was okay, and to comfort me...
  8. Another day has gone
    I'm still all alone
    How could this be
    You're not here with me

    You never said goodbye
    Someone tell me why
    Did you have to go
    And leave my world so cold

    Every day I sit and ask myself...

  9. i dreamed that god would be forgiving

  10. i don't want to be alone anymore

    1. MeBeMary


      I hear you. Sitting with you, if ok. :hug:to you, if ok.

    2. purge


      @MeBeMary thanks for the hugs, it was really needed 

  11. in the night when she comes crawling,
    dollar bills and tears keep falling down her face

  12. when i'm nervous i talk in circles...

  13. on the day you left me
    how bad it hurts,
    it's a lie, it's a lie, its a lie

    you keep on breaking into my head
    you were such a waste of time...

  14. there are things i may look forward to, but that does not take away any of the pain i feel

  15. why is everything so fragmented? it is so painful

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