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  1. I haven't been able to read or respond to your posts lately but I just wanted to let you know I love you and care about you. We don't talk much but I do think about you from time to time. I hope you have good people in your life with good food and good shelter. 💚💜💙

    1. Survivor01


      Thanks for your message@wolfennights , that's really sweet. I do have those things, I'm very fortunate really. Hope you are doing okay :)


  2. I just wanted to leave a nice note here. I think of you every now and then when i think of this site. How its helped me. You may not feel it right now but you are stronger than anyone who has ever hurt you. And if you are a little tadpole darting around frantically, a goldfish in a plastic bag of water getting used to the temperature of the pond water, or a caterpillar putting on its dozens of shoes, those are all okay. 💜🌺🍀

  3. @Pie1028, welcome to AS, glad you felt able to post at last and I hope you find this place supportive So sorry about what brings you here though. Yes, I totally relate to the ups and downs and I think it's really normal. I have not found my healing to be especially linear! There is usually a good reason for the 'downs' I find, like an anniversary or else I'm just ready to contact the trauma at a deeper level. Take care, Reyzl
  4. Hello @Reyzljust checking in on you. I know that things can get chaotic at end of the year with summer break coming up. We wanted to drop by and let you know that we have not forgotten about you and yours and think of you often, as we do many of our friends here at AS. Sending love and light your way. 



  5. I've seen you mention France a fair bit. Do you know any French?

    1. Survivor01


      Hi Wolfennights, yeah, my dad was French so I know some. I'm not bilingual sadly and I'm very rusty but I understand a lot.

      Reyzl x

    2. Panther


      That's neat. I took a year of French in high school and a year of Spanish in elementary school. I'm currently learning Japanese. Is French a trigger for you at all?

    3. Survivor01


      Wow they start you early on languages! I bet Japanese is interesting. No not really triggered by French except for the odd thing my dad used to say. I learnt Spanish in high school then lived in Spain, and later taught myself Yiddish. That just erased my French - now every time I think I'm speaking French it turns out to be Spanish or Yiddish in a French accent lol!

  6. I think I remember Shed-Child liking yellow. I wanted to share my drawing in hopes to cheer you up! Sorry its sideways. 


    1. Survivor01


      Aww that's so sweet of you @Riinee, thank you. It's beautiful :) Shed-child does love yellow and really appreciates your drawing :wub: 

    2. Riinee


      I am glad! Hope the rest of your week has been a bit better🥰

  7. @Invisible1, hello to you too friend Sorry I've disappeared again. Hard to keep all the plates spinning. Hope you are okay and coping with all the bizarre changes to our lives. I'm okay, bit lonely in solitary confinement and not loving working over zoom but could be worse. Might post soon if I stop ignoring my young parts (which are massively triggered but behaving themselves!) at some point soon! Reyzl
  8. @Capulet, thank you! Lol I now can't decide if I want the signature I was thinking of so I will contact you when I make my mind up! You could try just seeing if it will let you try something small, like adding or taking away a full stop because it won't let me do anything at all to it. Hope you are surviving these strange times, Reyzl xx
  9. Thanks @MeBeMary and @Free2Fly, yeah maybe it's a bug thing, will try adding a message to the Help Desk. I put it here in case any general members were particularly techy and has some ideas. I did have the mods on the case last time and gave them my desired signature to add in themselves but even they couldn't get it to do it. Doesn't seem to cooperate, even if I just write one word for a signature in normal black font it still claims I'm using an image or have used too many lines 🙄. Very weird!
  10. Hi, has anyone else had trouble editing their signature? Every time I try to change mine I get a message telling me I haven't followed the guidelines. Sometimes it's saying it needs to be on fewer lines, and other times should to be without images, but I'm not adding images and even when I condense it into two lines it's not happy. I've tried on different browsers. I've had this problem for years, hence why my signature never changes! I'd hoped it would have gone away by now but it's still the same. The mods back then worked on it but in the end it defeated everyone! Any techno
  11. Hi Reyzl,

    I just wanted to thank for something you posted to iheartcupcakes 12/6  I think.

    Sending you so much love and safe warm hugs and a blanket to wrap your triggered, frightened you in as you process this awful reminder. This feeling will pass and you will still be awesome

    I have re-read this several times and I have found it so beautiful and helpful to myself. It's nice to be able to visualize me comforting the part of myself that is having terrifying flashbacks and feels helpless and frightened. It reminded me I have inner resources to help myself...

    Thank you.


    1. Survivor01


      Hey Feralcat :flowers:

      So glad that spoke to you and helped you to find support within yourself. Always helps me to think of parts that can be taken care of by a steadier part.



  12. *waves* For whatever reason those sculptures you posted a loong time ago - that represented your T and you popped into my head. I've never met you, but often I wonder how you are, your story so resonated. It also Makes me want to create sculptures

    Hope you are well, Ms. Reyzl.


  13. Hi Rose, Thanks for replying. That's really odd that you can't see it. I posted it last Thursday. It looks like it has been read more times than just my own reads so hopefully someone can see it! Do you think I should repost? Thanks Reyzl
  14. Hi I posted a request in the Help Desk section a week ago and no one has replied yet. I had quite prompt replies in the past so I am wondering if the help desk it is still being used/staffed? Should I direct my request to a particular mod instead? Thanks Reyzl
  15. *waves* how are ya Reyzl :) just wanted to say Happy Holidays:xmas4: (whichever holiday you celebrate) :]


    1. Survivor01


      Hi there shoez :) Lovely to hear from you. Just got back from a trip. Happy holidays to you too :party2::xmas1: 

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