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  1. *waves* how are ya Reyzl :) just wanted to say Happy Holidays:xmas4: (whichever holiday you celebrate) :]


    1. Reyzl


      Hi there shoez :) Lovely to hear from you. Just got back from a trip. Happy holidays to you too :party2::xmas1: 

  2. My mothers words: - "Dont try to take this boyfriend too, who knows u might seduce him too". -"You made him leave, all u do is cause problems. -"Why did u tell the police, I would have believed u, its ur goal to ruin my life isnt it" -"look what you did to my poor partner, you little lier" -" Why do you have to go around spreading lies" -" Dont hug me, you might report me too" -" can u even tell child abuse from a hug? something wrong with you you crazy B*"
  3. Still Feel Alone.

    Thank u for welcming me, I like it here. Um, but I dont know if I can ask for help yet, Im scared of telling anything yet. Im really sorry
  4. Still Feel Alone.

  5. Still Feel Alone.

    I cant bring myself to speak about anything. So Ill just say hi, maybe ill edit this post later. Sorry.