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  1. I am so sorry that you suffered this . Safe hugs if ok . You are so strong and brave to let this out . We are here for you !
  2. Good afternoon , i to was molested from age 4-12 and raped at 17 I suppressed memories for 30 years and when they came they came on full force . It’s like a movie stuck on repeat . I am so sorry for what your going thru. It’s such a consuming feeling . The best advice I can give is tell your story let out your feelings don’t give your abuser the power over you by your story staying hidden. Nobody here will judge you I promise you that . Stay strong .
  3. We are all here for you . I held my trauma in for 30+ years .This forum is the only place that has helped . Everyone has been great and understanding. Take your time we will be here when your ready
  4. @Sky Lark welcome . I work in construction and have had many many sexual comments made to me . Example I was painting trim and this man who I haven’t worked with before stood right behind me as I was on my knees painting baseboard trim . He said do you like what you do and I replied yes I enjoy it very much and his reply was “ so you like being on your knees “ . I also didn’t want to say anything as I was the newbie on the job and I usually am the only girl . But I did say something. The boss then pulled me aside and asked if I wanted him fired . I did not I just wanted him to understand he co
  5. Hello glad your here . I also was molested at a young age 4-12 . I also just for years dealt with the symptoms. And now it’s extremely hard . So I get what your going thru . Please keep reaching out it’s safe here . It’s the only place I have found that helps really helps so stick with it . Find someone here to talk to it does work safe hugs if you want . Getting it off your chest helps it not have control. 🫂
  6. You described it well . I feel like that all the time. I refer to it like a ocean you get caught in the wave of darkness and can’t get air . But when your riding the wave on top it’s awesome . I often am on those dark waves it’s so hard and consuming. My heart goes out to you . Holding your hand if you want
  7. Claira


    I also have held my past inside and finally let it out here after 30 plus years . You are in the right spot . Keep posting we are all here to help.sorry you are going thru this I know it sucks . I’m sending you safe hugs if ok
  8. I am also new here and I also have flashbacks and don’t know how to handle them I am also hoping being here will help . We can all figure this out together . Bc we have all had to deal with all this alone for to long it’s nice to have people understand. So as hard as it is to bring all this back up I feel getting it out will help bc it’s off my chest . I hope things get better for you and it helps being here . I am here for you.
  9. @Mission I know I’m here because I don’t think people who haven’t been thru this truly understand what we carry around every day . It doesn’t matter if it was a long time ago or recent it sticks . I would love someone to talk to about it so if you would like to talk we absolutely can . Today is my first day here and not sure how all this works but if you want to let all this crap out of our heads together I can try. Because the alternative is to let it eat me alive . I am angry to a lot but mostly it makes me depressed. It wasn’t my fault but sometimes I feel it was because I should of sa
  10. Hello @Mission I know how you feel . I was SA from the ages of 4 -12 and I just started talking about it 30 years later . I just recently told my parents . I was ashamed and scared . But it replays in my head and it’s hard to cope some days but after talking about it has made the replays in my head less . So I’m here too so it will help me but also not sure if or when I will tell my story . Hopefully one day one or both of us will be able to get it off our chests . Because it’s horrible to live with and it wasn’t our faults . Take as long as you need to .
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