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  1. Thanks everyone for getting back to me. I really appreciate it. I think my main struggle is that the anniversary is coming up soon. Some years go by and I cope with the anniversary fine, others are more of a struggle and I guess that’s what brings me here this time. It’s difficult to get out of that pit of down, when you know you need to try and get out a slump. But I have looked on this and the fact other people have felt same or similar has helped and I have began talking to close family about how I feel. It’s just hard not to feel like you are burdening them.
  2. Hi so I have been a member a while but never really introduced. I guess I should start with my story. I was raped by an ex, years ago. I never went to the police. I have suffered with mental health issues a lot since. I have dealt with a lot of my issues and learned to live healthily with it now. And I am pretty open minded person. I talk to my husband when I need to or friends. It’s coming to the anniversary again this year and I guess sometimes, I feel sad, down, I have discussed with my husband and I also am aware that it’s completely normal but sometimes it’s hard not to forget that i
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