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  1. Okay... Hi

    Welcome @Ciotog. I am glad you found AS. I love dogs, have 2 (would have more if I could lol)and video games as well, but you lost me at running☠ I am fairly new myself, and was looking for similar things, and have not been disappointed. This an amazing group of people. I am sorry that your childhood has been affecting you the way it has. Most trama does that. I hope you find healing, comfort, and understanding here
  2. New

    Welcome to AS. I am so sorry things have been hard. This is a great place to be though;everyone is caring and supportive.
  3. Hi

    Welcome! I just recently found this group and I love how supportive everyone is! I am glad you are here.
  4. hi!

    Welcome. Everyone here is very supportive and understanding. I am glad you found your way here.
  5. Hey everyone

    Thank you
  6. Hey everyone

    I would love one. It is nice to know you are not alone. I mean I know there are tons of people who have been affected by SA, but it isn't talked about so you feel so alone. I hate that everyone here has experienced something, but I am glad to have found a community
  7. Hey everyone

    Hey everyone. I found this site purely by chance (if you believe in chance lol). I have been trying to live as if nothing ever happened, but that only works so long. Recently I have been in a good place mentally and my T started helping me work through everything. I was not prepared for the emotions that have been with me since my last appointment. I decided to see if there was anywhere, in person or online, where people understood...and I found AS. I am so happy to not be alone. I am a mother of 4 amazing kids and live in the USA