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    2. wolfennights


      Oh, sorry, i posted a message saying hi but it felt too forward so i tried to delete it. I like your name tho.

    3. Rikusgrl


      Ohhhh hi 😊

    4. wolfennights


      hi, sorry, i didnt see this til now. But yeah, my message was me complimenting your username cus im a fan of Kingdom Hearts 2 and see Riku's struggle with the darkness as a metaphor for trauma.

  2. I want to be someones favorite...

  3. I just read your story. I just want to extend my sympathies and say that you are very strong. But I understand that the strength you showed enduring that was out of necessity. It never should have happened to you and I am proud of you for sharing it no matter how painful it is. It's ok to not be strong all the time. 

  4. I was born tired 

    1. Free2Fly


      Born tired? 

      Zzz....zzzz lol safe hugs :hug: 

      hope your doing okay?

    2. Kmkz


      sending some energy your way.

    3. 8888
  5. To my fifteen year old self

    It's not your fault your friends left you. Its not your fault your brother became addicted to drugs or that your dog passed away. I know you hung out with those two girls because you so badly wanted to be them, to walk in their shoes, to be a real girl. Your worth isn't based on what she thinks of you. Her deciding to be friends with the bullies or let her brother hit you with a stick was not okay. It doesnt matter if they were only playing, those things hurt and she didn't seem to care. But trust me, you are a real girl deep down, and there is an amazing group of women friends waiting for you down the road.
  6. I feel like a lot of growing up is learning to take care of your inner child.

    1. Free2Fly


      I would think so too , :( I'm not so good at taking care of mine.

  7. The "true love's kiss" was not consensual. I don't buy into the "princess belongs to her prince" myth. I'll save myself, thanks.

  8. everything is going to be okay. don't think about all the roads you could have taken or roads that others are on. this road is my own.

  9. a good day

    I'm gonna make a tally here for every time I feel good, calm, accomplished, positive, or okay. For the last week, it has been five times. This is the fifth. I'm working at my pace, no one else's. I am enough. :]
  10. "I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me"

    1. MeBeMary


      What a wonderful quote!  Thanks for sharing it. :) 

    2. Iheartcupcakes


      I love that so much.

    3. BraveOne


      I like it, very positive

  11. I hereby give myself permission to ask for help or friendship, even if I feel annoying or like I have nothing to offer.

    1. howlieowl


      :up:Friendship is give and take. Nothing wrong with asking someone to give.

    2. BraveOne


      Good declaration wolf. Friendship is a 2 was street like HowlieOwl said

  12. feeling content and optimistic right now. :]

    1. Free2Fly


      :)  glad your doing good 

    2. Kmkz


      So happy for you, :clap: