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  1. Someone with spoons message me so I can vent. I need to let out the feelings I repressed for 20 years.

  2. I'll have to remember to write a thread about all the weird, lonely, depressing dreams I had shortly after my trauma as a child and the two years after that I repressed them until I was completely numb to it and in denial as a teenager and young adult. All those little signs I ignored and that if the right person had noticed I could have gotten help sooner.

    1. fallenstar


      I would like to encourage you to do so when you are ready. It's healthy to share and having a discussion about such dreams would benefit many including me. Supporting you

  3. I am stronger than anyone who has ever hurt me.

    1. howlieowl


      :clap:yes you are!

    2. MeBeMary


      :goodpost2: You certainly are!

    3. snmls
  4. Hi Morgen. I am Brianna. I am a trans woman. I am on HRT as well. Glad to see another trans person here, even if its not under ideal circumstances. Have you ever heard of Against Me? The lead singer is a trans woman. I actually started questioning my gender because of her. My gf is also genderfluid and demisexual, and my roommate is a trans woman as well. Its so nice having a community of other lgbt people.
  5. some1 in a listening mood mind messaging me. slight tw for trauma/brainwierd stuff but nothing graphic or urgent.

    1. limbodante


      Can't make any guarantees I can help, but I can listen, what's up?

  6. When do you stop feeling like you belong to your abuser?

    1. Annie7


      I wish I knew ;( 

    2. limbodante


      When you decide you don't and start learning healthier mental habits. The flashbacks and triggers will take longer, but they're residual damage, they're not indicative of their ownership of you.

    3. GaleH


      I struggle with this, everything i do i can hear my abusers voice telling me im gross sick wrong bad ugly dirty slutty etc. No matter what i do. Eating getting ready for the day etc

  7. I had a dream where my real mom died right around the time of my trauma and was replaced with the person who I knew from then on as my mother. In my dream, I cried angrily to my dad for not having any photos or mementos of her, and crying alone for my lost childhood since the mother I had grown up with was narcissistic and overly critical and emotionally abusive. Then I woke up and realized that no, she is my biological mother. There is no other family waiting for their lost daughter to return.

  8. tumblr_nh9omaT3mV1sholl5o10_r1_1280.png

    1. Annie7
    2. Field8


      So powerful. Thank you for sharing that.

  9. I like the way I (mis)heard the lyrics from one of my favorite bands: "Delusions of autonomy, I surrendered my identity." As well as the lyrics from another one of their songs "Don't it seem so detached and unrealDon't it seem so far awayLike the past never happenedLike nothing's ever changed " It's hard to say how it made me feel because I was so young when it happened that the feeling of violation and humiliation was all I knew.
  10. who-is-awesome.jpg

    1. Annie7



      right back at you!!!!


  11. Anyone have any songs by survivors, whether about their trauma or otherwise?

    1. MeBeMary


      By a very talented AS member.


    2. LuthienTinuviel


      Til it happens to you

    3. Annie7
  12. (more than five but meh) If I was a "real" girl, would you still have made me do those things?
  13. That people will say that it was just "kids being kids" or that I made it all up because it was so long ago and I was so young, or that I wanted to do it, or that I deserved it because I wasn't acting according to my assigned gender, that people will tell me I'm overreacting, or that my abuser was abused too and thus make me feel like I'm the same as him, that because it took me so long to realize that it couldn't have happened, that my gender identity and sexual orientation are caused by the abuse.
  14. Does my rommate know how to do qnything other than make me feel self conscious about things I try really hard on that she does either effortlessly or BECAUSE she's had lots of practice in?

    1. howlieowl


      im sorry wolf she is treating you that way. remain strong in who you are. her standards and abilities will not shape you. only you will define and shape who you are and what you can do and what you can be.:supportu:

  15. I feel so happy to be here, to be me, and to be free.

    1. howlieowl


      :lindybear::dance::clap:happy for you!!