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    On a mountain, in the woods, hiding out, gearing up.
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    plants, growing food and medicine, wandering in the woods, reading

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  1. I wish you were dead. I wish you were dead. I wish you were dead. I wish you were dead. I want you to die. I want you to die. I want you to die. I want you to die. You don't control me anymore. You don't control me anymore. You don't control me anymore. You don't control me anymore. I still want you dead. I still want you dead. I still want you dead. I still want you dead.
  2. Hi, i saw that you were a mother. Would i be able to ask you for some advice?

    1. TatteredSunflower


      Sure! Though I will be honest - I'm a lil bit tipsy at the moment. So if you'd rather I wait til tomorrow to respond, please just tell me that. No offense taken. 

  3. Hi. Yeah, I get that. Very much so. Sometimes I wonder if everything I thought was my personality is just another trauma symptom. This ish goes deep. But kudos to you for getting yourself back to the psych ward and getting help when your meds quit on you. That's huge. You could have waited days, weeks, years, or forever to try again -- but you didn't. You proactively got back there and got yourself sorted. Big praise on acting for your own health. That says a lot about your desire to get better and your motivation to make it happen. Here's hoping today has been a better day. 💜
  4. Hello. Just letting you know I'm here and reading. Also that I'm impressed with both your animal friending and your school program. You have a lot going on! I'm totally with you on surrounding myself with animals to give and get the love I need.
  5. Congratulations! That's so wonderful. Old enough to gaze at you with those googly eyes of perfect love, young enough not to be crawling off on you when you put her down. Snoogle that baby and know you are the best mama she can have. Doesn't it just change your world?
  6. Welcome Amanda. I'm sorry for what brought you here, but I am glad you found us. We're here to listen, talk, sit with you, whatever. Please know you've got a safe space and people who understand if or when you want to talk. I'm also a mama - of an 8 yr old boy and a pack of cats. How old is your babygirl? I hope today is a good day. TS
  7. Caleb, Welcome. Yes you belong. If you're a survivor or a secondary survivor (friend, partner or family member of a survivor), then you belong here whenever and for as long as you want to be here. There are other men here, and there are private forums for men and women who want to share in a gender-separate space. This is your space to listen and talk about whatever you need to, and to get the support you need and share your wisdom, experience, hope and pain. We are here. TS
  8. Natalie - Welcome to AS. I'm so sorry you went through this and have been dealing with such pain. You will find yourself in good company here. We will listen, and we can understand. There are others here who were also abused by women, and others who kept things hidden for many many years. Others whose partners did not listen or care or know or understand, for many reasons. You are not alone. When you are ready to talk, this is your space. Feel free to share or to just read, as you wish. You have taken a strong step in coming here and speaking up. You have the strength for the rest of your
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