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  1. Friendlylife

    i want to die

    @awi, @Survivor Amy, and @CrimsonRegrets and others, I want you guys to know that you words are really helpful. And yeah, I want you guys to know that I also feel alone, no matter what. My family makes me feel like my feelins are invaild and they made it so hard to deal with my trauma. Not to mention, How everyone around me acts like they care, but in reality they don't care. I just feel like I having a hard time Trying: TO SEE WHAT'S THE POINT. I just feel so lost and alone.
  2. Sk8ter, I'm sorry your dad is like that, your right it is just a game, and u shouldn't feel that way at all, u tried your best just to spend time with your dad, but instead of him just enjoying his time with you, he turns the experience into something bad. You are strong, and I hope that things will get better for you. Because your emotions matter and I hope that u understand, that Just because We make mistakes or anything, that does not define you, at all. Just because, u make mistakes or don't remember the rules of the game, it doesn't mean that you're not smart. it just means you are human,
  3. I'm new on here and whould like to introduce myfelf.
  4. I'm in new on here, is this where all the comment will be at?


    1. Capulet


      Hi @Friendlylife, welcome to AS. :) 

      You'll soon hear from someone on the Newbie Support Team who will direct you to our forums and different helpful topics. :)  That is where the gist of our communicating takes place.  

      Here is a good place to start by introducing yourself! 

      Best wishes!

    2. MeBeMary


      Hi Friendly! :wave:

      Welcome to our community!

    3. Friendlylife


      hi u guys, nice to meet you

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