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  1. Hi @MyraG! I am glad you feel comfortable enough to start opening up about what has happened. I hope you find the support you need! Your dogs are adorable!
  2. It’s nice to meet you @KeepSwimming93. I hope that you don’t blame yourself for what happened, and that you don’t feel responsible for what his consequences are or could potentially be. Ultimately how you decide to proceed is your decision and it can feel like a heavy burden. We all cope differently, respond differently. Thinking about the effects on his family is very thoughtful of you. Gauging the potential impact on YOU by sharing this within your family or legally is a good place to start, IMO. It’s challenging to know the exact outcomes, but it’s good to have a baseline knowledg
  3. My marriage is also affected by the trauma I’ve experienced. We (my husband & I) are pursuing couples therapy. We both currently have our own individual therapy. When I get worked up, I tend to have “word vomit” and it’s difficult for me to convey what I am thinking and feeling. He is more reserved & stoic, and will shut down. It’s not that he doesn’t want to understand, it’s that he can’t grasp the emotions or mental gymnastics that plague me. I hope you can find something that helps both of you. You are not alone.
  4. Hello there! I’m Shannonnie, and I’m thankful to be here! A little about me? I’m married to a great man, a mother of teen boys, and we have fur babies too. I work in food service and enjoy interacting with our customers. I’m an amateur gardener, rookie hula hooper, and enjoy DIY projects. I enjoy photographing nature & life, and I enjoy writing. I have been recovering from the abuse for 21 years. I recently started searching for online support networks after a total meltdown. During this episode, as I call them, I recognized ways that the trauma is impacting my current life. I re
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