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  1. ((((((winterwishes)))))

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    2. winterwishes


      Haha 😂 I agree, yes you are 😂

    3. drowningnotwaving


      This bolloxing tablet 😯has got a bloody mind of its own...where the hell are the puppies!!! 

      Hope things are a little easier for you today (((ww)) 

      🐕 woohoo

    4. winterwishes
  2. Hi there @Charlie.1 sorry for whatever brings you here but I am glad you found AS. It is a wonderfully supportive place as you will see as you learn your way around the boards. Welcome
  3. Welcome @A Long Time Ago im sorry for what brings you here but you can be sure of a warm and accepting welcome whatever your story. Its a fantastic place to find support and realise that however alone you feel you are part of a huge network of people working through their journeys together.
  4. Welcome @Lucy1603, sorry you have to be here but i'm sure you will lots of support from a wonderful bunch of people. peace to you 😃
  5. Welcome AS is a wonderful place to find your voice. Glad you found us x
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