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  1. Hi Mitchi, Thank you for sharing! I have been in therapy for 11 years and it has truly rewired my brain and how I think, how I see myself and how I see the world. It might take some time to find someone you really connect with - it took me a few different counselors but now I have had the same one since I was 19 and she is really the only person in the world who knows everything about me and everything I have been through, and has never judged me. It's scary, sometimes I just sit and cry, those sessions are fewer and far between now but they still happen (two days ago for example). Someti
  2. Hello, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself - I'm honestly struggling with what to write because I guess I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself! I am a survivor, in many forms, just like all of you. I have been in therapy since I was 19 and am so grateful to still have the same therapist 11 years later. I thought that I was really healing and doing great (killing it in therapy!) until this last November, a new childhood trauma came to surface from memory and to put it lightly, it took over my life. I know now that it revealed itself because my mind and body knew I was ready for
  3. LakeSunset, I just joined After Silence today and have felt very alone in my story, but your post was the first one I read and I am already relieved to know that I am not as alone as I thought. I had memories come to the forefront this last November and have been struggling, to put it lightly, since then. I am already so glad that I have begun to reach out for help and have found this community. I have a feeling that we will both find the peace that we are looking for and I am here in it with you. The work is ahead but I already feel a weight has lifted off of my shoulders just by typing
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