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  1. New friends

    Hi, Sunshinecomfort, and welcome!
  2. Hello

    Hi, rokcsjl, and welcome!
  3. Here for myself and my daughter

    Hi, Two of Us, and welcome!
  4. Coming back

    Hi, brokenchild, and welcome back!
  5. Hello

    Hi, feralcat, and welcome!
  6. Hello Community

    Hi, NotTheSame907, and welcome!
  7. Keeping the Silence

    Hi, Katherine, and welcome!
  8. Still feeling it after 9 years

    Hi, Mel Y, and welcome to AS! I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through, but glad you’ve found our site. It’s very supportive, and I’ve found it to be very helpful. Take your time looking around and getting to know the site. It takes time to heal from what we have been through. Each person’s journey is different.
  9. Newbie

    Hi @Violet_Jenn and welcome to AS! I’m sorry for what happened to you, but glad you’re here. AS is a supportive site with friendly members. I also joined to deal with things that have happened in my past and it’s helped me a lot.
  10. Hello :)

    Hi, moongoddess, and welcome back!
  11. Hi everyone

    Hi, engines, and welcome!
  12. New member

    Hi, VLX600, and welcome! Everyone is very supportive here. It takes a while to get used to finding things and learning where everything is at. Take your time looking around and getting familiar with the site. We’re here if you need help. Good for you for starting therapy. That is a huge step in your recovery.
  13. Okay... Hi

    Hi, Ciotog, and welcome to AS!
  14. Hello, returning member

    Hi, Soccergrl9, and welcome!
  15. Hello, new here

    Hi, Here2Heal, and welcome!
  16. New

    Hi, GabrielleK.O., and welcome!
  17. Hello!

    Hi, HelenX, and welcome!
  18. Hi

    Hi, pebbles10, and welcome!
  19. hi!

    Hi, darklolix, and welcome!
  20. Hello all!

    Hi, rakit, and welcome!
  21. New

    Hi, Rian, and welcome!
  22. New here

    Hi, Willow1980, and welcome!
  23. Greetings...

    Hi, Chise, and welcome!
  24. Hey guys!

    Hi, rgrace15, and welcome!
  25. Getting through

    Hi, Elle, and welcome!