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  1. Hi, RiaLavender, and welcome!
  2. Struggling88


    Hi, Jai311, and welcome to AS! I’m sorry for what you went through and that no one is doing anything about it. That must be so hard to deal with. What happened wasn’t your fault at all. You are not alone. You have a voice. We are here for you.
  3. Struggling88


    Hi @totoro5 and welcome to AS! You are absolutely welcome here, AS is for all survivors of sexual assault/abuse. I’m sorry for what you have been through, but glad you have found our site. There are other male members that are active on the site, and there is a forum for males only, if you would feel more comfortable posting in there. You have to make 10 posts first and message one of the section moderators for the password. Some of the more active male members that come to the top of my head right now are @Free2Fly and @rileyk86, although I have found that everyone here has been supportive and helpful. You are not alone. Someone here will be able to relate to your situation, whether they are male or female. Take your time looking around and if you have any questions, you can message me any time!
  4. Hi, Mira97, and welcome!
  5. Hi, Martha, and welcome!
  6. @EmiSurv Yes. You can message me any time. You are not alone.
  7. Hi, Veronica1121, and welcome!
  8. Hi, Samantha2009, and welcome back!
  9. Hi, Hopeless13, and welcome! Good job reaching out for help. That is hard to do. Have you looked in your area for a women’s shelter? They can be very resourceful and often times have counselors or victim’s advocates who can help you out.
  10. Hi, Brooklyn, and welcome!
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    Hi, Kham, and welcome!
  12. Hi, restingup, and welcome!
  13. Hi, Lorrieanne, and welcome!
  14. Hi, ScarredHart, and welcome to AS!
  15. Hi, Srsly-Serendipitous, and welcome!
  16. Hi, Tsabu, and welcome!
  17. Hi, signedaway, and welcome!
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