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  1. Hello, When I click on the buttons to upload my pics, absolutely nothing happens Also, nothing happens when I drag and drop my pics. Is there some setting on my browser I need to change?? Please help. Thank you, Karen
  2. Thank you all so much for your kindest words! Some good news is that I seem to have finally found the right therapist to help me through all of this! What a grand relief (big sigh). Thanks again, Karen
  3. Hi there, I am so happy to have found this place on the internet thanks to a kind person on the Inspire Community, which is also a great place for support...I am currently recovering traumatic memories from my childhood (which include sexual abuse), so it is a very hard time for me. That has happened before for me, but always in the past it was accompanied by severe mental illness, so I eventually wrote the memories off as "illness." However, now I am quite in remission from mental health problems, and the same stuff is coming up again. I could use all the support I can get at this time, as I have a terrible support network and can't tell most of my family members about this all. For, the first time I came out about the sexual abuse--years ago, when I was not well--my whole family turned their backs on me. I can't risk that happening again because of how much pain it caused me and because my mother pays my medical bills and prescription copays, still. Blessings, Karen