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  1. 2nd session

    @GordyGood for you for getting back into therapy. I’m numb with my memories too at the moment. With time my emotions come and go, I feel like having the emotion connected with the memory of the event is very important in healing. You have to feel the emotion you felt that/those moments in order to complete it and release it. I just read trauma and memory by Peter Levine, it was an informative read in really sorry about your mom. I hope they’re able to prevent him from visiting her anymore and also find her phone. Sitting with you and safe hugs
  2. almost 6 years

    I’m sitting with you @blackroses1999
  3. Alexithymia

    the inability to connect with, name, and communicate emotions

    1. snmls


      yup, I Definitely have that.  Didn't know there was a name for it. 

    2. Bluesclues


      @snmls I didn’t either!! That’s why I posted it 😁

      I like that’s there’s a word for it, I’m not alone with it, there are enough people with it for there to be a word

  4. Hi, I’m new here.

    @Elizabeth Campbell I am so sorry for what brought you here. Like silent g said, you have found a safe place. So many safe hugs if that’s okay, if not then I’m sitting with you if that’s okay.
  5. Introduction

    Welcome, @Strawberry86 theres a lot of support and understanding here. Safe hugs if that’s okay
  6. A Little Bit About Me

    Welcome, @mahzorro i am so sorry for what you’ve been through. I wanted to offer so many safe hugs. I’m currently really sick, so my brain is kind of dead. So many safe hugs if that’s ok
  7. IMG_0570.JPG

    I love these @CrimsonRegrets
  8. When will it end

    @skysky Hi. Welcome to AS. You are not alone, we all or most of us have those same feelings. You will get better, in time and with work. There's a lot of frustration, fear with realizations, difficulty trying to gain trust again, seeing life in a better light. It's all very difficult and like I said it takes time. For me I am continuously up and down with my emotions. I'm still trying to find my triggers and knowing my reactions and how to prevent myself from crashing horribly. I hope this is making sense, I am sitting with you. Healing takes time and a sh*t ton of work, but it can be done.
  9. Its time to heal.

    You're very welcome @Alyssakay
  10. Its time to heal.

    Welcome to AS. I have found a plethora of support and healing through this site and hope you do too!
  11. The First Time It Ever Happened

    @citygirl18 I am so sorry. So many safe hugs if that's okay!
  12. New

    @Aalen welcome to AS. I'm very sorry you've been through all of that, but I'm glad to hear that things are looking up. You've found a very open and supportive place. Welcome!
  13. Hello there

    @Nross welcome! You've certainly found a community here! I'm sorry for what brought you here but I'm glad you've found us. I'm sorry you're feeling alone and it's awful that we are all normally alone in this process of healing. You're not alone anymore.
  14. Hello New here

    Hi. I'm am very sorry that happened to you. I really don't have words. I am just so sorry. Welcome to as
  15. Dipping my toe...

    @Random24 welcome to as! I'm sorry you were brought here but I'm glad you've found us. The taboo really needs to be broken down.