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  1. Welcome here, Kendra, Sorry for the circumstances that bring you to this website - you are, indeed, among friends here. You seem like a very strong woman. May AS continue to support you in your healing journey!
  2. Hugs, Amy. Been thinking of you and praying for you. 

    1. Iheartcupcakes


      Thank you Courtney. I really appreciate that and I need your prayers now more than ever.

  3. The absolute pain I read... I'm so sorry for what happened to you. It is simply too much. I relate so much to your story. I believe you. May you, one day, be free of the clutches these abusers hold in your life, so that they carry it, and you don't.
  4. I have been thinking a lot about memories. The memories of scents, specifically, have been calling me back to revisit a few difficult times in my life. Is it a calling, or is it a backslide? 

    Though it was a terrifying time recently, I'm back to living the cushy life I have created for myself. I am thankful to remember that my memories are just that... Memories. They are not my reality anymore. I want to let go of them and break the ties they hold. 

    1. Hiddenstars


      It doesnt sound like a backslide to me. If it was a backside I do not think you would be able to remember your memories are not your reality. It seems like you're moving forward to me.

      Sitting with you.

    2. NorskyCourtney


      Thank you, Hiddenstars. 

    3. Hiddenstars
  5. Welcome here, Cat! Sorry you are here, at that same rate. AS is a lovely, supportive forum to be a part of.
  6. After a very difficult day in T, I felt very exhausted. After work, I took the night off for me, used some of my disposable income to purchase beauty products, while curled up in a fleece blankie and drinking  a hot hazelnut coffee. So nice to have this little bit of time to myself. 

  7. After a very difficult day in T, I felt very exhausted. After work, I took the night off for me, used some of my disposable income to purchase beauty products, while curled up in a fleece blankie and drinking  a hot hazelnut coffee. So nice to have this little bit of time to myself. 

  8. Welcome here, Bluey. I'm sorry you have to be here in the first place, however. You're among people who truly understand though, and that helps a lot with the feelings of isolation, shame, etc. I hope that, with your home church you've found and AS, it helps you as you move forward and heal in confidence. Your level of trauma will not be too much to handle - there are many of us on here who have twisted/repeat/horrible traumatic experiences that we've lived through, and none is worse/better than the other - it is all our own trauma, that causes deep hurt, and is significant. You deserve to be supported as you deal with the after-math of what you've endured, and we're here for you, no matter how horrific it is. All that is asked is that a person adds a TW (or trigger warning) before getting into traumatic memories/experiences. Again, welcome! Safe hugs to you if OK.
  9. Welcome to AS, El! It's great when partners wish to be as supportive as possible towards their significant others. You'll find a wide range of experiences, thoughts on here that will be of great help to you I believe. It'll be of great significance/assistance to your girlfriend to know that you simply care and want to help her, that helps even more than you know. As ActivistAlly said, "secondary survivors" forum would be a great place for you to look at. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend, and your journey together. - Courtney
  10. Welcome here, Courtney! I'm Courtney, too, from Canada. I love yoga as well; I'm horrible at creating art, lol, but I write & play piano & sing, so I relate to the artistic aspect of your hobbies. I'm sorry for the harm you've endured in your life that has brought you to AS, but I'm sure you'll find great comfort and understanding here, as many survivors, myself included, have found. Looking forward to getting to know you more on here! Safe hugs to you if OK.
  11. Dear, sweet me, You don't see in yourself what others see. That is a fact. You have no need to fixate on your short-comings, because they're nothing compared to your strengths. Keep your chin up. Know that you are intelligent, beautiful, and loved, even though you don't see it. You sell yourself short because of deep-rooted insecurities. Is that your fault? Nope, it is not. But, it is not what is true. Keep in touch with your heart and your gut, and remember that YOU. ARE. GOOD. ENOUGH. just the way you are. Much love, Courtney
  12. You are such a freak. I'm glad I'm not you.
  13. Good to know, euca. I had been wondering that, too.
  14. Welcome here, Jaybird. I'm sorry for the reason(s) you're here on After Silence, but, you are right that you are amongst a community of people who understand and support each other. It has been a big contributor to my healing and continued healing journey, and I trust you will find that as well. If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask, we were all newbies once if OK.
  15. I've noticed that, especially in the past two months, so many members have joined After Silence. I just wanted to extend a warm welcome to anyone whom I may have missed. I'm disheartened to see that so many people need support as a result of abuse and trauma, it is disgusting how common sexual trauma is; yet, I'm also encouraged to see all of you courageous survivors reaching out. We are here for you, you are welcome here.
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