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  1. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    Schadenfreude Is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. Those who have it coming.
  2. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    Hoist by your own petard. or Won battle, but lost war. https://tenor.com/view/point-shame-alice-in-wonderland-gif-8669349
  3. I Need Someone to Hear Me!

    We're here! We care, we'll listen.You have been hurt and you have tried to live all these years with unhealed wounds. We understand. Bring your burden here and rest when you need to. You don't have to carry it alone anymore. It's hard to heal when we don't have supportive people IRL, but it can be done! Wishing you peace and healing. Welcome.
  4. Older member, but I'm back :)

    Welcome back! Nice to meet you:).
  5. Every once in a while that moron gets it right.

  6. New here, hoping that this can help me feel less isolated

    Welcome and I'm sorry for your suffering. I hope it helps you to be here.
  7. End run:

    A running play in American football in which the player carrying the ball attempts to avoid being tackled by evading the defending players from the opposing team. An attempt to avoid a difficult situation by transcending it without confronting it directly.


    I did it!!!!

    1. stagnes




    2. stagnes


      Tall man singing in low voice to the tune of Go Compare:

      IIII Diiiiiidddd IIIItt

      :party: :breakdance::yahoo::dance:

    3. stagnes



  8. I'm happy to be here for you and am sorry for your struggle. It's ok to have needs - we all do. Pls take gentle care during this difficult time.

  9. 60 yr old surviver csa

    Welcome and I'm very sorry for your loss. It's very good that you reached ou for support. You are not alone.
  10. Sorry, edit, it's not safe for me to write in the public forum. I am being monitored.
  11. Sorry, edit, it's not safe for me to write in the public forum. I am being monitored.
  12. A combination of irritating paperwork and bad satnav directions have conspired to put a nasty bunch of people directly in my path, spoiling an otherwise good day. I hope that things get better.

    1. MeBeMary


      Sorry things haven't gone well today. :(  Wishing for a quick turn around and better thing are ahead for today.  :hug: if ok and helps. 

    2. stagnes


      Thank you!

  13. Trying to be thrown off the trail by members of the tribe. lol. It's never happening. 

  14. Nope, I have thought about it multiple times every day for the last ten years. It's brain damage and it's permanent.