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  1. Welcome. Your experience is real and it has impacted you or you will not be here. We are all on the same boat and helping each other heal. Shame and undermining be experience and burying it is what I have felt with my whole life as well.but what you and I and everyone in site feel is real and it is impacting us everyday. No one will understand who has not gone through similar thing, and we need each other to validate each other experiences and say that everything you are feeling is real and valid and needs to come out. I encourage you to keep going with sharing. so much love to you
  2. Hello and welcome. I am also new member. This is a huge step to come forward and share your pain and it will impact your healing very much and will empower you a lot and give you comfort and relief welcome and thanks for your courage and finding your voice, much love
  3. Thank you all for your warm sweet welcome. Really feel like home here. Thank you so much
  4. No you didn't misread it. It's true. 15 years that I am soo ready to put behind and start a new :)))
  5. Thank you all again for your welcoming words and your hospitality. I already feel that I am home. Love and appreciation to you all <3
  6. Thank you all for your comforting words. It brings warmth to my heart and healing to know that others understand and have been through something similar. It's hard for me to start but I will start and I am determined not to let the past ruin my future and what lies ahead.
  7. I am survivor of a 15 years of lying and deception and I am finally finding my voice and sharing my experience and speaking out after being bottled up inside for all of that time not knowing what was happeneing as it was happening and going crazy because I could not understand. I am finally beginning to see what was happening and its effect on me and I am here to share, release, let go so that I can begin living my life in a new hope and light for the future, and I am also here to support others because I know what it is like to go through this painful journey. And no one would understand unl
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