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  1. @sunflowersforme Thanks for reaching out. The forum does seem very supportive and right away I too feel some relief. You are not alone.
  2. I just joined as well and have the same feeling of wanting to share years later. For me it's being triggered by tv shows and having my daughter she the same ages I was. I have shared some things with my husband and it's not the same. I think for me I'd like to share with women who share similar experiences. LS
  3. I’ve just found this forum after seeking support. My abuse, which I am slowly realizing it was, occurred a long time ago. The #MeToo movement, different tv content and having a teenaged daughter have brought my memories to the forefront. Each time there’s a trigger in my life, I sit with the memories and want to talk about them, but don’t feel I can share with the people in my life. From my generation, abuse was a certain thing, but now it feels more encompassing. Consent is more discussed and a thing...I don’t think it was a thing when I was a teen. Thanks for having me. One place th
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