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  1. @LookingforSunshine thanks for the words. i can't think of better people then the people here. it hurts me to read some posts and hear the heartache and trauma people are enduring I wish i could help them, I have many concerns and questions as i'm sure many new people have.
  2. down and down i fall deeper into the darkness just when i start to find my way out the darkness races to envelope me 

  3. hello @eludf7 i joined here not too long ago i found the people here to be very welcoming and kind.
  4. Thanks @LookingforSunshine I've been kinda down lately, but I'm sure I will turn around. Yeah safe hugs are ok BTW love the kitten
  5. Thanks @nowheretoturn it's only been I think three days and I've been up and down hell even sideways I will definitely take you up on the offer
  6. @reglois wow sixty years such a long time. Thanks for the welcome @oceonwaves thanks I'm seeing that is correct
  7. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and welcome.
  8. Thank you for the welcome @Painnbroken Truthfully I'm scared the darkness was all encompasing and after all these years I've become afraid of anything positive in my life often blaming myself for things out of my control. I don't know where to begin.
  9. Hello everyone I endured an approx 30 year silence finally divulgeing my secret I hope I did the right thing
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