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  1. Welcome Pahatfi. I was sexually abused as a child too, and it does effect so much in your life. Sorry you are in such a rough place at the moment
  2. Welcome Suz!
  3. Welcome 47average!
  4. I can assure you you're not Panket. Welcome!
  5. Hi!

    Welcome Katie!
  6. Welcome Sianami! I love reading too
  7. Welcome MadeNew! I had a lot of trouble talking about what happened and my feelings when I joined too. It can still be hard, but it gets easier. Take your time, and be gentle with yourself. I'm glad you found us
  8. Welcome Stillness! I'm sorry for what has brought you here.
  9. Welcome Susan! You'll find lot of support and understanding here.
  10. Welcome Alleecat! I'm glad you've found us and reached out. This a wonderfully supportive community
  11. Welcome Rose! This is a really supportive place
  12. Welcome Living!
  13. Welcome syoung! This is a really supportive place, and I'm glad you've found us
  14. Welcome KeepingFaith! I get the tendency to self destruct rather than asking for help. I'm glad that you've reached out here. This is a really supportive community
  15. Welcome LAT! I think a lot of us are working through old traumas here. A lot of mine occurred over 20 years ago