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  1. Just curious if this can still be done and how?
  2. Hey Caligirl, I am also new to AS and hope to further my healing here as well. I have been seeing a therapist for a bit now and have worked heavily on my sexual abuse, among other trauma/PTSD. It does seem never ending at times and there are many ups and downs. I feel it'll always be a part of me but I will continue to learn how to better manage it and lessen my sexual triggers. I hope you receive a wealth of support here
  3. Kite83

    New here

    Hey guys, It's nice to find a place like this to speak and connect with others. I've had an incredibly hard time finding support groups where I live and near by related to sexual abuse. I was molested for 6 years and have done some therapy work off and on for a few years. Recently I've seen a wonderful therapist who does trauma work and did an 18 week support group as well through him. Right now, I'm looking for a sex therapist. I've been in a great, long term relationship for about 2 years but my libido is non existent and usually ebbs and flows drastically. It's been very frustrating for both of us. I also own a plethora of self help books lol. I work full time as a nurse, own a dog, and run a small art business. My art has been my biggest savior aside from nature. I don't think I'd be as far along without an outlet like my art. I look forward to talking and connecting with you guys on here. Thanks!
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