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  1. Im so sick of hospitals doctors nurses and dang flashbacks 

  2. Hello Everyone

    welcome hope you are able to find the support you need here. Im sorry for what you have endured.
  3. I give up on everything at this point

  4. Any one else having problems logging onto the site

  5. Im back around again but Im starting to think it doesnt really matter 

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    2. Beamcam


      Im sorry I know my reason I put a post about it in the female survivor forum

    3. Field8


      It matters to me

    4. Beamcam


      Thank you

  6. Today was a totally awesome day big thanks to my boyfriend.  He bought me a new laptop.  Thanks to him I will be back on the site more often.  

  7. I havent been around the past few weeks im struggling but maintaining my computer crashed and waiting for funds to get new one probably the end of next week pm me if you want to talk to me or check in with me.  Been frustrating that I have been absent from my family 

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    2. Beamcam


      Its ok better late never i will be getting one thursday

    3. Jaybird13


      Thinking about you recently and hoping things are going well! Sorry to hear about the computer. :hug:

    4. Beamcam


      thank you very much 

  8. will I ever be able to sleep again feeling so very exhausted and drained  

    1. ActivistAlly


      I hope you will be able to sleep again (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))


    2. Beamcam
  9. I should just stick to the old ways and bottle everything 

  10. Im ready to give up 

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    2. Beamcam


      thank you activist 

    3. teleah


      Sitting with you (((((((Beamcam))))))) sending you thoughts of hope and healing, please take care of yourself, love teleah

    4. Beamcam
  11. I am very tired very angry on the verge of becoming enraged and feel like alot of things are just so dang useless any more 

    1. ActivistAlly


      Well, you certainly have a right to be frustrated if anyone does Beamy.  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    2. Beamcam


      thank you Activist


    sorry you feel like this, :throb::throb::throb: sitting with you.


    no matter what you have said or thought or done, you are truly worthy.

    I have experienced your kindness and understanding many times.

    you love your pets ,you have tremendous compassion.

    you have overcome some terrible obstacles.





    1. Beamcam


      thank you for all your kind words Oceanwaves 

  13. Im not worthy of anyones support 

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    2. Beamcam
    3. robynpi


      I'm not the "hug" type, but I hope you're feeling a little better. 

    4. Beamcam


      not really but Ill manage thank you for asking 

  14. Im back again was gone a few days due to helping friends out but back now again and happy to be back home again 

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    2. MeBeMary


      Sometimes we forget the importance of being able to drive ourselves places when we need to. She is fortunate to have you step up to help. :up:

    3. ActivistAlly


      You are incredible to help them!!!  Well done!!! :)

    4. Beamcam


      thank you both very much

  15. I took a few days off from AS Im back again