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  1. 1 year anniversary

    It works weirdly well—who better to believe in me than me!!?? Thank you for being in touch and telling your story—like I said at first, I am new here too, and your courage and honesty help me with my own doubts and worries.
  2. 1 year anniversary

    I’ve heard a lot of the music you mention, and I’ll look up some of the ones I don’t know. You’re classes sound great; I love to dance, and love watching people dance. I’m especially charmed when I see an elderly couple who move almost like one person in the old fashioned partner dances. Sigh... What if... when you start feeling happy dancing, what if THAT is the truth? Are you sure it isn’t the mirror that is wrong? And also what if... instead of thinking of it as forcing yourself and faking it, what if you are PRACTICING being happy? Training, and rehearsing, and trying out a moment of joy? On a very practical note, I’ve managed to drag myself away from despair sometimes by literally posting and sending positive messages to myself—by email, text, on the background of my computer, scribbled on a grocery list... by the time I find them, I’ve kind of forgotten that I sent them, so I get a little pleasure from being “talked nice to”, and a little laugh out of being a goofball even when I’m distressed. I am thinking of you! If you decide to turn that mirror to the wall and dance a step or two, I wanna hear about it!
  3. 1 year anniversary

    What songs??? I’ll listen to them with you! “ )
  4. New: Hope Over Experience

    Glad to meet you, and I bet you’ll find lots of people here who accept you and believe in you. I look forward to hearing more from you!
  5. 1 year anniversary

    Can you take some deep breaths and watch your stomach rise and fall? Find a soft toy to snuggle or a pillow to hit? Is there a song or a story that you could listen to? What can you smell in the air right now? If you get really quiet, how many sounds can you pick out around you? You are so strong to have made it so far! You’re smart to reach out for support here too.
  6. Hi @alltheseyears, I am following your comments because there are some similarities in our experience.  I wish you power and patience as you move through this.  

  7. Nothing is really up—in fact, things have been pretty calm for a week or so.  And yet, I feel like crying.  WTH, emotions!!??  

    1. Capulet


      I'm sorry! :( Hate when there's emotional turbulence!  I hope it passes, soon.


    2. Kmkz


      If you feel like crying, I say, if it's safe, let it out. I'm sure there's a reason for it and it's trying to process by itself. Take care and hope it settles soon.

    3. Hoping8


      Thanks @Capulet and @Kmkz  I appreciate hearing from you both.  I find myself processing a lot more than I expected since joining this site, and I think it just stirs general sadness and empathy for myself, and for all of you.  It also stirs pride and fierceness.

  8. Blackness

    I will be thinking of you. Would you let me know next time you’re here? I’m new and trying to find my way around—i would love to have a reply or a message from you!
  9. Scared, excited, sad, solitary

    Thanks, all of you, for the greetings and the clarification about what is visible/public. I hope everyone has a good day!
  10. Scared, excited, sad, solitary

    Really!!??? Thanks so much for telling me that. I really want this community but I was feeling very stressed about the specific info being displayed, and thinking about cancelling. From my side, your location just says USA and there is no date of birth at all.
  11. Scared, excited, sad, solitary

    Thank you. I didn’t realize that my DOB would be displayed. I know that it is unlikely but I am very afraid of being “found”. Do you know how I can remove that info?? The edit profile tab doesn’t seem to do it.
  12. I’ve been looking at this site for a while. It took a while to get approved and as that made me mistrust my judgment and my worth. I am getting pretty tired of being scared and sleepless.
  13. i just seen him...

    I’m new. I’m learning from you. Thank you for what you share.