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  1. Blind stupid persistence.

    Aw, @Gordy, I am all for you doing and saying whatever serves you, but please know that I hope you’ll get to a place that you don’t need to call what you are doing blind or stupid. Maybe brave and determined? Resolved and courageous??? F-you and bad**s???
  2. Hmm

    Hang in there, @Gordy. Lots of birds of that feather here, I think. Sorry you are hurting, but glad that you are sharing.
  3. Just saying Hi

    Hi @sarahoknow and welcome. You will find a lot of acceptance and support here. I am glad you found this site.
  4. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    I wanna see you burn
  5. Good days & bad days

    Hi @WaterfallSoul I am glad you found this site—it is full of support and kindness, and lots of people who can relate to parts of your experience, even though only you know your whole unique experience. You are welcome here!
  6. Welp here goes nothing... Hello!

    Hi @Cam♂, and welcome. I’m glad you found this site and I look forward to getting to know you better.
  7. New

    Hi @HurtingMommy. I’m sending you healing thoughts and empathy.
  8. New here

    Hi @Engenbran, I hope you are starting to get used to the site. I remember when I first joined feeling completely unsure of how to even “get around” the site. I’d never been part of any online community before. It is a good place—I am glad you found it.
  9. Hi

    Hi @SPNEmB it’s good to meet you. I know you’ll find support and kindness here, and yep, NOT your fault!
  10. Hi im new and need some people to talk to ty

    Hi! I’m up and I am glad you found this place. I’m glad to hear you if you feel like company.
  11. Unsure Newcomer

    Hi @KindaConfused, and welcome. I remember feeling something like what you express here, and as hard as it was, I needed to look around, take my time, read some stories, and let it sink in. If someone had volunteered answers or opinions at that point, I am certain that I would’ve run away—never mind that I thought I was ready for answers. You are welcome here, and I am glad to meet you. I learned that the “share your story” part is sometimes graphic, and there were times that I needed that. You might too, or you might not. The “gathering place” seems to be where people post daily trials and get reinforcement. Look around and feel free to reach out if you need it.
  12. How powerful and exciting that you are redefining this time of year! Good job!
  13. Hello

    Hi @drgncro i am glad you’re here and I look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome!
  14. Ready to talk

    Hi @PBJ17, I looked and listened for quite a while before even joining! I’m glad you’re here—take all the time you need.
  15. First post

    Hi @clg, congratulations on taking a strong step forward. You are very welcome here!