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  1. Finally reaching out

    Hi, Smileycha. Welcome to AS.
  2. Hey

    Hello, Cara. Welcome to AS (again!).
  3. Done fighting alone

    Hi, FindingSolace. Admitting to yourself that something happened is a great first step. Welcome to AS.
  4. New

    Hi, Amanda. Welcome to AS.
  5. New Here

    Welcome to AS. Talking is extremely hard, but I'm beginning to believe it is worth the struggle to be free. As others have said, take your time to feel comfortable. Read what feels safe, post when you're ready - no one will rush you here.
  6. New

    Hi, Mollcee. Welcome to AS.
  7. Brand new to support groups

    Hi, Angiem. Welcome to AS.
  8. I feel bad because I am not American

    Hello & welcome to AS.
  9. Hi

    Hi, Kenzie. Welcome to AS.
  10. New+here

    Hi, lavenderlady. Welcome to AS.
  11. ...one small step for Sam...

    Hello, Sam. Welcome to AS.
  12. New here !

    Hello & welcome to AS.
  13. Introductions

    Hi, Nicole & tired monkey. Welcome to AS.
  14. New Person

    Hi, Sara. Welcome to AS.
  15. New and scared...

    Hi, smile. Welcome to AS.