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  1. Seeking healing

    Hello, @TXAngel78. Welcome to AS.
  2. Just looking for support

    Hello, @Gom Jabbar. Welcome to AS.
  3. Newbie Saying Hello

    Hello, @Out of the Ashes, welcome to AS. It is very hard to open up after holding so tightly to your story for so long. I didn’t tell any of my story for 10/15 years and only then a statement to a friend. It has taken me an additional 15 years to be able to start to loosen my grip. The supportive group here at AS has been a huge encouragement to me in that. All that said, please take your time to feel comfortable here. Look around. Read other’s posts. Reply as feels safe to you. Telling your story is always for you and your choice. No one here will rush you ... & AS will be here for you when you’re ready to share. It is ok to take some time to get to know us and feel safe.
  4. Newbie

    Hello, @jennyj22, welcome to AS.
  5. Glad to be here

    Hello, @WalledGarden, welcome to AS.
  6. New Here, and Saying Hello

    Hi, @newcomgray. Welcome to AS. The best advice I received when I first joined was to take some time to just read through things. As you look around, you will find places - threads - to respond to. Take as much time as you need to look around & then post as you feel comfortable.
  7. Hello, I'm New Here

    Hello @PurpleBee. Welcome to AS. @Brokenballerina, I’ll send you a message.
  8. Newbie saying HELLO

    Hello, @RayaHope. Welcome to AS!
  9. I’m new and not sure what to do

    Hello, @VincentVidel. Welcome to AS. It can feel overwhelming to join a site like this, but it is a very good & big step. Feel free to read and post as you feel comfortable. No one here will rush you.
  10. New Member

    @Bloom2B, you are most definitely not alone. I am glad you are realizing you are not broken beyond repair ... & you are welcome.
  11. I am also a new member

    Hello, @tshirt40. Welcome to AS. Sometimes we fall down holes ... but a community can help us out of them. You have found a very supportive community here & you are not alone.
  12. New Member

    I understand the feeling & the wish. I am glad you have found us, but so sorry for what you experienced to bring you here. Safe hug, if ok?
  13. 29 year old survivor

    Hello, @jaclyn_mouse89, welcome to AS.
  14. newbie

    Hello, @Sleeping@Last. Welcome to AS.
  15. New

    Hello, @Nicole777. Welcome to AS. I remember feeling entirely overwhelmed with the sheer number of posts & the amount of information I didn’t know when I first joined. Take your time as you begin to look around & read or post as you feel comfortable.