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    being outdoors, knitting, gardening, cooking, my dogs, my family, swimming and exercising.

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  1. I new as well, I just signed up yesterday and trying to figure it out as well. I also notice a lot of older post, but I seen we have a blog section on our page to sign up for and think maybe that some more recent stuff. good luck on your journey
  2. @Rosebud93 I dealt with my assault for over 30 years, once my attacker did it again and I came forward to the law enforcement it honestly was one of my darkest time. Each day went by I got more scared, the thought off facing the person sent me into panic attacks, luckily he plead, once it was over I thought I would be able to just move on but it just didn't happen so I finally had to find a good therapist and in just a few weeks I feel like things are getting back on track. She recommend a support group, which I found this place, so hopefully that will help you with your journey as well. If fo
  3. Hi, KeLLe I just joined today. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, I been married for over 22 years and my husband is my biggest supporter, It took me 21 years to finally tell him all the details and it was the hardest thing I ever done, but when I did I felt so much weight lifted off me. Now I have a person who I feel is 100% on this journey of healing with me. my therapist recommend a book called Allies in Healing, which he read cover to cover and said he wished he had it when we first got married. I hope your soon to be hubby will be a great support for you as well. Good Luck on your
  4. Hello, I am new here. My therapist wanted me to join a support group, I think she had person to person support group in mind. However, when I found this site I just knew this is what I needed. It has taken me over 30 years to finally step up and ask for help. I look forward to this journey of healing among peers who understand. One of my favorite quotes "Healing comes when we CHOOSE to walk away from darkness and move toward a Brighter Light" (Dieter Uchtdorf)
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