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  1. Hi and Thanks

    Hi M1LO, I'm sorry you experienced what you did, but it helps me to know that others also buried childhood trauma. At first I thought it couldn't have happened because it was so bad, and how can someone forget something so bad. But I do understand how the brain can protect us so well so that we can function and even be successful in life. Sending you support and healing wishes. Angel
  2. Hi and Thanks

    Yes, and I believe AS is wonderful, with awesome people like you. Yes, you are right about time and intention. I'm finding myself more and more slowly becoming the person I want to be, perhaps am but don't yet feel it. I try to retain a positive attitude, and that help a lot. Many lovely wishes to you.
  3. Hi and Thanks

    Thank you HiddenHeart. I am like that too, people don't know I'm an introvert because I act the opposite. I've never let anyone see the real me.
  4. Hi and Thanks

    Thank you so much Sarahoknow. I appreciate the welcome and kind words. Sending all good your way. Angel
  5. Hi and Thanks

    Thank you so much Struggling88!
  6. I don't even own an iron!

    Capulet, Am here for you and happy if I can help in any way. It's wonderful that you're working on this goal that I'm sure you will achieve. Angel
  7. I don't even own an iron!

    Congratulations to you!! That is excellent, and I'm so happy for you. I studied the same so feel free to message me. Many GOOD thoughts and best wishes to you Capulet! You can do this!!! And, you'll be wonderful!!
  8. Hi and Thanks

    Thank you so much AKB. I appreciate it, you. I act like an extrovert, so most people have no idea how shy I really feel in the real world.
  9. You matter

  10. Hi and Thanks

    Thank you so much silentg for your kind message. I very much appreciate it. Sending all good your way. Angel
  11. Hi and Thanks

    Thanks so much BraveOne. I very much appreciate your message. I hope all is good for you. Angel
  12. Hi and Thanks

    Hi Mary, thank you so much for responding to what I wrote. THank you for all you wrote. I hope you are good. Angel
  13. Hi and Thanks

    I joined recently and am sort of shy. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for being here, this site, and I appreciate your support. I hate to admit that I am a survivor of sexual abuse during most of me my early childhood. Angelbee