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  1. Hi im new and need some people to talk to ty

    Hi! I’m up and I am glad you found this place. I’m glad to hear you if you feel like company.
  2. Unsure Newcomer

    Hi @KindaConfused, and welcome. I remember feeling something like what you express here, and as hard as it was, I needed to look around, take my time, read some stories, and let it sink in. If someone had volunteered answers or opinions at that point, I am certain that I would’ve run away—never mind that I thought I was ready for answers. You are welcome here, and I am glad to meet you. I learned that the “share your story” part is sometimes graphic, and there were times that I needed that. You might too, or you might not. The “gathering place” seems to be where people post daily trials and get reinforcement. Look around and feel free to reach out if you need it.
  3. How powerful and exciting that you are redefining this time of year! Good job!
  4. Hello

    Hi @drgncro i am glad you’re here and I look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome!
  5. Ready to talk

    Hi @PBJ17, I looked and listened for quite a while before even joining! I’m glad you’re here—take all the time you need.
  6. First post

    Hi @clg, congratulations on taking a strong step forward. You are very welcome here!
  7. New and Nervous

    @NssAngel9, it means a lot to us too. It’s good to have a place to talk, and also have a place to support others.
  8. New and Nervous

    Hi @NssAngel9, welcome! I was really nervous when I joined a couple of months ago, and I am really glad that I stuck with it—it IS good to process and feel my way through things with others who “get it”. I look forward to getting to know you better!
  9. Newbie

    Hi @l3anne, and welcome! From a purely practical standpoint, maybe start with some of the Gathering Place posts, and maybe the blogs. The Fun and Games part is low stress too. Share My Story is powerful, and you’ll want to consider what kind of mood you’re in and whether/when is a good time to look in there. You’ll be struck right away by how kind and supportive people are here; I am glad you found this spot!
  10. Noob here, first post

    Hi, and welcome! I think you’ll find this a healing place to be, and I know you’ll get lots of support here. Take all the time you need, and for what it’s worth, I kind of thought you were “supposed to” share your story here, but after being here several weeks I’ve realized that it is just one of many ways you can interact with this community. So don’t think you have to be in any kind of hurry, ok? Take your time, get comfortable, look around—all on your own timetable. i look forward to getting to know you!
  11. Thank you

    Hi, @Heart. I think you’ll be safe here. I was worried about that when I joined, but I has turned out to be about the safest place I’ve ever been. Welcome.
  12. .

    Hi @Striver. I am glad you found this site. I’ve been here a couple of months and it has been a lifeline for me; I hope it will be the same for you. I get why you’d be wondering, and I think you WILL fit in. The fact that you have to wonder makes me kind of sad, but then, I wondered too when I joined—wondered if I could trust people here, wondered if I’d be “found” here, wondered if I would fit in... i can tell you honestly that there are times that I don’t want to respond to male members. Just like there are times that I don’t want to respond to people with certain stories, or particular turns of speech. And then other days I seek out those exact same voices. What I mean is, my impulse to connect at any given time is about ME, and where I am at that day—it is not about the other person. You are very welcome here. Good job seeking out support and community!
  13. Trying to understand what happened

    Hi! I am so glad you called a hotline for help, and that they sent you here. You’ll find lots of support and company here, and just being among people who understand is very powerful for me.
  14. Hello People

    Hello! You are very welcome here and I am glad you came! Look around and get acquainted with the site, and I think you’ll start to feel at home. You’ll definitely find people who support and understand you.
  15. Hello?

    Welcome! You’ve come to a good place, and it is a pleasure to “meet” you.
  16. Hi, a little scared and feel like an imposter

    Hi and welcome. It makes sense that you’re nervous, and you can take all the time you need to look around, get to know the site, and decide how much or how little you would like to share. You are welcome here!
  17. I’m back here

    Good to “meet” you, and good job paying attention to your own timing and needs!
  18. New Here

    No hurry at all. We’ll be around when you’re ready. Welcome.
  19. Hello!

    Her consent, her timing, her control are what matter. Maybe talking to a professional about your own needs and feelings would help you to put them in perspective? You are going to need support too, and it concerns me that you talk about “blackmailing” her with your own health in an attempt to get her to do what you want/need her to do. Likewise the idea of performing a “procedure” that she is not asking for. She gets to choose.
  20. Congrats on a new blog post—you are reaching a ton of people this way.
  21. We Broke Up

    Aww, regrets and congrats. It is always hard to end a connection and I am excited for you that it went in a way that you feel good about.
  22. Hi I’m new.

    Hi @Adarasanderson. I’ll gladly be on your side! I’m kind of new here too, and it is just like @leosun says: Look around, say what helps you, take your time, and welcome.
  23. Started confronting the past

    Hi @brokensoldier I’m glad you’re reaching out to help yourself—it’s a courageous move.
  24. Finally hit #50!

    There are these lovely blinds in Germany called “rolladen”—they’re metal blinds built in to the windows that can be lowered to just a series of holes to allow some slight light in, or closed completely for sheer and utter darkness, even on the brightest day. Once when I lived there the phone rang in the other room, and I never found my way to the door to answer it! Glorious.
  25. Finally hit #50!

    I’m proud of you! You’ll be a great advocate, and if the currents change along the way, you are resilient and flexible and you will adjust accordingly. Your voice and experience are invaluable.