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  1. I hope it's OK for me to be here

    Hello @Striver and welcome! Of course you are welcome here! I understand your hesitation and trust me when I tell you we all have felt it on some level. I initially felt maybe I didn’t fit in or would be welcome because I didn’t experience CSA. While most of us are women we can all relate to your pain on some level unfortunately. And I agree with @Hoping8 that you will find certain things that will resonate with you more than others- the same will go for threads and members and can change depending on where your head is at in that moment. Also let me tell you I can relate about dealing with old trauma too. I myself experienced sexual assault and then domestic violence and sexual assault at the hands of a parter more than 20 years ago and just started admitting it and dealing with it in the past year. You are NOT alone and while I am sorry you have to call yourself a survivor you are in a safe space where you will be heard and supported . Again- welcome!
  2. Hi, a little scared and feel like an imposter

    I am sorry that you belong on this site at all- but know this- you DO belong and you are not alone. Never discount your own trauma. While your experience and mine (or others) may be different what brings us here is the same. We all feel similarly and our trauma impacts us all in similar ways. Your feelings are valid. And you are not rambling. It’s carhartic to get it out. so welcome and like others have said peruse the site and enjoy the comradarie of a great group of people.
  3. New to this

    I have just joined and am looking for support from other survivors. There is something to be said by talking to other people who truly understand what it feels like. I have not shared my story often, kept it locked away for over 20 years and I’m just now coming to terms with what I’ve been through. I have been learning that I sleep better and generally have less anxiety if I talk about it as hard as it is.