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    Hiding away until I’m feeling more stable
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    Visual art, dogs, traveling, mental health

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  1. @Nbed80 you deserve to be here as much as the next person. Nobody should feel like they’re wasting people’s time. You are not wasting my time- that’s for sure. I applaud you for making an intro thread for yourself. That’s a big step and I’m glad that you posted in my thread for your first post. Sending you safe hugs if you want them.
  2. @Nbed80 I completely understand about being worried of people judging you for your past. I’m still worried people are judging me, but I know that I am my own worst judge. I also haven’t felt any judgement from anybody so far and doubt that I will. I hope you post more and get the support you deserve and need. Here for you if you want.
  3. Thank you @missfrier. That would be nice.
  4. I have to go in for STD and pregnancy tests tomorrow morning. Freaking out about that. How did I get myself into that situation? Why didn’t I stop him? I could have...or maybe I wouldn’t have been able to. I’m all sorts of messed up right now.

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    2. Alice...


      Thank you @Kmkz and @8888. I was tested yesterday morning. It was torturous. I still have to wait for the first round of results on Friday and then go back in 6 weeks later. I have to wait 6 weeks. I hate myself for putting myself in this situation. It’s really my fault. At least I’m not pregnant.

    3. 8888


      It's not your fault.  I'm glad you're not pregnant.  

    4. Alice...


      @8888 if you read my story you’ll see how it was my fault. This time and when I was 18.

  5. Thank you @missfrier. However I’m not so sure with the details of how I got myself into the situation where I was assualted.
  6. I posted part of my story in the stories section. I’m scared that you all will judge me after reading it.
  7. @missfrier I couldn't bring my flashlight cause that would have alerted my husband that something was a bit off about me. Luckily my neighborhood is well lite. But I waited a tad too long to walk my dog and she had a pee accident- at least she used my bathroom to have her accident in. Haha. Wow...thank you @Nbed80. No need to reply to any posts if it makes you feel anxious as crap. Take care of yourself first- ok...that's the mental health advocate in me coming out. But I'll take your care and concern. Everything is messed up and I'm so anxious even though I know I'm safe. I ran into a
  8. Thank you @missfrier . I appreciate the "safe hugs" lingo too. Back atcha. Though everything feels so unsafe now and I have to walk my dog soon and am scared to go out in the dark even though I live in the safest neighborhood in my city.
  9. Thank you @MeBeMary. I really need to share my story, but have to wait until the 10 post count. I also don't want to spam the message board. I'm kinda a message board veteran from before FB...so I know how newbies can bug some people when they post too much too quickly. I'm just an anxious mess right now and can't speak to anybody in my life about what happened yesterday. My story will explain why.
  10. I really appreciate your kindness @Struggling88
  11. Thank you @Struggling88 I'm really scared to open up because I don't want people to judge me and I think they will.
  12. Hi all, So I'm brand new to all of this and really need support. But a bit about me as a person because this isn't the place to explain what happened to me. I'm actually a mental health advocate professionally speaking (using my lived experience)...so I tend to eat, breath and live mental health. I also love photography and visual art (mostly abstract expressionism/modern art). I have a very cute dog and have a good support network for everything else besides what happened to me yesterday. I'm just really scared and don't know how to discuss this now that it hits home directly.
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