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  1. Hi, I found this forum today and am hoping it can help me a bit. I’m 34 years old and was raped by my best friends husband about nine months ago. It wasn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened to me, but it’s been a long time. I thought I was “okay” with everything, but have been housesitting in a new state and on my own for a week and have been replaying it in my head over and over. Usually I keep myself busy, but maybe it’s good that I’m not now and can hopefully deal with this. A few of my friends know about the assault but it’s hard to bring up and honestly, sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers. Anyways, hope I’m not oversharing, but the sheriff I talked to basically made it sound like I didn’t have a case (we were drinking), and just his doubt makes me wonder if people really even believe me or think it’s my fault for not being more careful. Was just hoping to find some people to talk to, basically, so thanks for the add
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