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  1. Massively overwhelmed

    Welcome! Hopefully you can feel all the hugs from the members here.
  2. New here

    Welcome @Mimity hoping the support you receive here will help you regain your smile
  3. Hey guys

    Hello @Sabrina757 Hopefully you will be able to talk to the people here about what you are going through. Like most I don't think it was your fault and well done on being brave enough to report it, something I wish I had, had the courage to do. Wishing you all the best.
  4. Sitting on the fence

    Thank you all for the greetings. I have only told my partner a short version and not even half of it and feel I cant talk to them more as they have severe depression and i dont want to be the reason that is worse, the same for my friend i just dont like that I feel like im dragging them down if i try to talk to them if i am having a bad day with this stuff. I cant talk to my family about it, we are not that kind of family but i am also afraid that it is inevitable it will come out and go about the way i expect and I dont know if i could take that.
  5. Sitting on the fence

    Thank you, I think you were actually my first post here and I am glad you feel like this is a good place for you to chat
  6. Sitting on the fence

    Thanks for both greetings, I felt I should do a me post and see how I felt. I dont feel as anxious to write as I did then and I am grateful that the community here has made it easy to feel that way. At the moment I am feeling like I don't deserve to be here so much and that I would just be wasting peoples time.
  7. Sitting on the fence

    Hello, after sitting around and reading for a few days I am still on the fence as to if this is a good thing for me. But I don't have anyone else to talk too and even though I know there will be some judgement about my past Its either this or falling back on old coping mechanisms and as a +30 I feel like I need to be more adult. So hoping I can fit in here.
  8. Hello

    Welcome, vent away. Im sure there will be no judging and hopefully this forum helps you out
  9. Re-Intro (got carried away last time)

    Welcome! There are plenty of dark books out there if you read much. I don't know any tv shows etc.
  10. Just starting...

    So first post on any forum and instead of my intro yours felt like it needed a more immediate reply. First right now everything will feel all kinds of messed up, even replying to this is making me feel anxious as crap, but I am sending you the snuggliest of hugs, and if I could be there to walk with you, I would. I hope that you can take a few deep breaths push the panic and anxiety or whatever aside and show just how strong of a person you are and walk the dog even if it's to the end of the yard and back. Take a step and whenever you need it we will be here to walk with you.