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  1. Hello Mason, I'm Goldeneye/Goldie and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry you had to go true this. Take your time, there's no stress, no hurry here. When you'll be ready, we will be here to listen and to support you. You are not alone, I too feared what my family would have said and fear what friends would say. Just remember it wasn't your fault and you are not alone. Take good care, Goldie
  2. He looks like a perfect husband. May you two be together for life.
  3. Thank you AS, with out you and your community I don't know if I would still be here or if I'd be able to continue. I owe you much. 


    1. samantha2009


      Thank you for being here 🖤

    2. snmls


      You are always welcome here and we are glad to have you as part of this community. 

    3. Goldeneye
  4. My generosity, @PreciousRose my life is a good one, I'm still able to be happy, to love, to make great things, to help, to share, to play music, to do sport, to study, to learn, to… trust !? By sharing and asking for help, we trust other members. By trusting, we finally reopen slowly our trust. It was damaged, but it's still there. Did we lost something or is it just very damaged ? @JustSam Your point is still good even after 3 years. Goldie
  5. @goldraindrops In here, you are never alone. - - - - - - Since I'm not a lot here, I'd say lot less. The last 2 years I thought about it once in a wile and I could control it. I had problem when the hashtag me too started in 2017 and it was everywhere. I was on a job doing 70h a week and I would not let me sleep at night. Without it, would have last 3 years of quite a good control. Now that I'm back, took 4 weeks before I lost control and it's everyday, mostly at night before falling asleep. Now, I know I've done the right choice to not buy a house in here even if it's a nice little suburb surrounded by forest on the island of the big city. Goldie
  6. I'm tired, but my mind won't let me sleep more. 

  7. Goldeneye

    April 2020

    Thank you for the idea. I don't know how the blog work, so I'll just do a post in the old one and a new entry every months or for other topics. About him, I'll have to get use to it since he's the neighbor of my neighbor. I should find a way to handle it. Just the training seems to help a lot. Thanks for the motivation. Goldie
  8. Goldeneye


    Here's something cute to make you all smile.
  9. Hello, I'm very sorry to hear everything that happened to you. Trust me, you are not stupid nor pathetic. You are a lovely woman that is helping a lot of people in here. You are very present on AS, your words are well chosen and you do good things and you help people to feel good around you. You are smart, endearing, and kind. I'm sure you are a great person to have as a co-worker, a friend, a family member or a partner for the eternity. I know you don't feel like it now, but I hope and pray that one day, you'll see yourself as you are when you think of who you are. You are the light in the dark for many people that you cheer, help and support everyday. I just hope that life sun ray will touch you and than the storm over your head slowly removes to let the sun shine for the rest of your life. Take good care, Goldie
  10. Goldeneye

    The Act

    Hello, I'm sorry to ear that someone who is suppose to take care of you have done this. A child is the most precious thing a parent should have. Take good care, Goldie
  11. Happy Easter

    1. Field8


      Happy Easter Goldie

  12. Comment ca va? 

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    2. Goldeneye


      I just hope you stay safe. Will talk you when you'll be back.

    3. Annie7


      You can email me at annwitt72@gmail.com, am leaving the community


    4. Goldeneye


      Sent you an E-mail.

  13. Here's a coffee freshly made for you. :coffeedrinker:

  14. Allo how are you

    1. Goldeneye




      I doing good normaly.. Or was it just cause I had forgot what happend. Anyways, how about you ? Want some coffee ?

    2. Annie7



      Oui, je voudrais une carafe de coffee? 

      I am ok. Tired. 


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