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  1. Welcome @Sailor Moon Lover (I used to love sailor moon). I’m sorry about what you’ve been through but I'm glad you’re here with us too. I’m newish too and I can tell you, nobody will judge you here. There’s a lot here, take your time and look around.
  2. @ActivistAlly Thanks for the kind words, I hope so too
  3. Thanks @Dawn76. And yeah, it does help. It seems to calm me down and help me focus on one thing when my mind is spinning round and round and I can’t get my thoughts in order you know? I don’t really show it to anyone because it’s too personal but maybe one day.
  4. Thanks again @Sleepographer (I like that name btw). Most of the time they’re well behaved but they have their moments lol. They’re my reason for still being here really. I got shadow from the shelter after I got clean and then I found Baby after someone dumped her, probably cause she was pregnant. Idk how someone could even do that. And yeah I guess. I still look like a skeleton but it’s gotten better since I stopped using. I try to eat healthy and look after myself stuff but it’s hard you know? And thanks for the nice words @MeBeMary. I still struggle with that, I know in some
  5. Thanks @Sleepographer, much appreciated I don’t feel like I’ve even really started healing though. I tried for so long to fry my brain and block all the memories out but that didn’t work. And yeah now I don’t do that anymore and my life is more stable, but I don’t even know where to begin. It feels overwhelming to be honest.
  6. But most people I know just call me KC. I don’t have any friends or family in my life to talk to about all this, actually I don’t really tell people about my past and my childhood anymore because why, they wouldn’t understand anyway. I was sexually abused from as far back as I can remember really, up til I was 13 and I escaped. My life has been kind of a rollercoaster, I’ve struggled with addiction on and off and it’s only really in the last few years I’ve gotten clean and tried to stop fucking my life up. Sometimes I wonder how my life woulda turned out if things were differ
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