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  1. @selkiespot it sounds like that session had a lot of value! : D ...i'm very glad for you. what is cbt?
  2. @selkiespot i'm happy for you for finding some comfort like that. that's great.
  3. @Lily023 welcome. please feel free to take your time here. you don't have to say or do anything you don't want to. whatever you've been through or are going through, there are others who can relate, and you might meet such people here. i hope you'll feel some comfort and support here like i have. you are welcome to come and go as you please.
  4. @twentyYrsAngry i think i understand why you think of your current state as having backslid. from my perspective you haven't backslid. i think you're moving forward in the right direction, toward your freedom. i'm sorry that the process will be more difficult while you are responsible for a young person. i believe you can do it though. it's an often messy process but you found a good place here for support, and support is very valuable with these things. the resolution of trauma is an important matter. i'm sorry you were hurt. clarity of memories will come in due time. it's common to stru
  5. the longer i live, the more similarities i see when comparing human bodies to plants. so i think it can be said, we can learn a lot about ourselves by observing plants.
  6. i'm so sorry about all that you lost. i hope your future will be safe and with many great things that uplift your spirit. i think you deserve decent people in your life.
  7. @Kimidare i think of mushi-shi as a more-or-less masterpiece. i've seen it more than once. it's a very relaxing show by the way. if you watch it i hope it suits you.
  8. @HushHush welcome. i'm glad to hear that you've made some significant steps toward recovery. being here has helped me greatly. i will be glad to help you if i can.
  9. @ReaderWriter welcome. being here has helped me greatly. i hope you'll have a similar experience. i'll be glad to help you if i can.
  10. @HiddenWorld thanks for your kind word. i strongly believe no child should be intentionally hurt or abused. unfortunately these things aren't so uncommon. so maybe you aren't as different as you think. but there are decent people in the world. and while it's very difficult to recover from trauma, i've been seeing here how much support from others can help. and i keep learning about more things that can make the process easier... such as ways to better cope with or manage stress and impulses, various forms of therapies and soothing or relaxation methods, learning how to look at things from a be
  11. @HiddenWorld welcome. i learned only a few years ago that i was abused as a child. it explains a lot of the difficulties i've had throughout my life. i strongly believe we can recover from our traumas. being here has helped me a lot. if i can help you in any way, i will be glad to.
  12. @Sailor Moon Lover welcome again. i'm very sorry about all that you've been through. such a life is unfair, but the people here understand. i believe you can have a much better life with time and processing. i feel a lot less alone here. i'm sure you'll feel that way here too if you choose to stay. and that it's easier for you to write about some things than speak them is understandable. sometimes a sense of distance helps one feel more safe, while we build ourselves up.
  13. thinking of you and hoping you're doing okay.

  14. @Thatsnotmycircus no one has ever complimented this moniker before. thanks ^_^ i can definitely understand the difficulty of changing habits, even food and drink. i figure we each have a body, mind, and spirit; and that building up one naturally helps the others along. i think that what we might call emotional trauma or mental trauma is largely damage to one's spirit. i figure that being around kind and supportive people will really help to build up your spirit, which i expect will naturally encourage and support you in all other parts of your life. your interest in drawing and
  15. @Thatsnotmycircus in case it's useful for you, if you haven't seen it, there's an "unread content" link underneath the search bar near the top-right corner of any forum page. the "unread content" link goes to a page that loads the most recently posted or commented on posts and blog entries, forum-wide.
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