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    Drawing and sketching, photographing, love everything in nature.

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  1. (My new experience and findings on trigger alarm. Inspired by "Carolyn Spring podcast #16 Trauma needs a solution") To feel safe again within oneself, the solution is not to switch off the smoke alarm, but to synchronise the heart and mind, and update the whole alarm system, to the present moment. What I really mean here is to update the alarm system which was built during childhood, bring it to present, now as an adult. What should we do now, to ensure our safety and well being? The experience My heart is trying to tell me something. She is uneasy, anxious. But my brain is te
  2. Indeed @Sleepographer . I too learn a lot from nature, for what healing and life really is.
  3. Aww thanks @Sleepographer for your warm support and wishes. I hope you the same too as the healing journey goes.
  4. I put it in a glass with some water and I forgot about it. When I was about to throw it into my compost, this little thing surprises me. Wow! I said: look at the roots coming out, so beautiful! 😍 Left me wonders about life, vitality in nature.
  5. Living a little more today, when my dead heart decided, to explore life. I starts to breathe again. XX XX XX XX It comes, as a frightening truth, about my mom. Truth that I denied but know since the beginning. She doesn't love me. I am just a trophy for her to put into show case. She isn't listening to me, she isn't care for me, she isn't going to do anything for me, not merely to take hold of me and say sorry for what I have been through. I gave up, and full stop. I'm done, pleading for her love. "Mom, I'm doing well, do you see me? I need your love and protection. " And suddenly
  6. I hated rose, until I find myself to be a rose. Velvety red rose. It was June this year that I decided to confront with my dad, about love and fear, about the abuse that none of us mentioned, that I endured and kept to myself for so long. I thought of death, if I'm going to die, then I wish to say what I wanted to say. I asked to meet him, but ends up writing email and sending recordings to him. It was a very very hard decision to make, but when it comes, it's like "I need to get this done ASAP". So I recorded my sound for him. All I wanted is to wake him up! There's something rotten in
  7. Yeah, you know him! @Sleepographer Really? Never heard of it but thanks, will find it out πŸ™‚
  8. @Sleepographer if you are interested of the soundtrack πŸ˜‰ Hope this would lighten up your day !
  9. @Suntosea @Dawn76 thank you 😊
  10. @Sleepographer the art is really beautiful, and soundtracks are also very amazing. I like those soundtrack so much.
  11. @Finchy oh yea! Thanks! Haha. It's one of my favourite too, I drew it because I get the warmth totoro has for children. It is so fluffy and warmy. Yup we have tape and vcd rental store here too in those days.
  12. Hi @MeBeMary. Thank you πŸ’– Wishing you well and happy on this path too! I have my tears a bit when I read all of your replies. Thank you.
  13. @Sleepographer thank you for your tips! Yes, I get a bit confused about where and what as I'm using it in my phone. Getting more aware now about the more private board, thank you for mentioning that. Glad that you are so helpful 🀠
  14. Hi @Finchy. Thank you for your warm welcoming. Glad you like my totoro sketch! πŸ’“
  15. Thank you @Patti72 for your warm welcoming ☺️
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